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Window Cleaning Business A Future Challenge With Self-Cleaning Glass


There has been a lot of talk about self- glass, with such an attractive name in its success as the headlines of not only business newspapers, but also the media. Does self-cleaning glass mean that all window cleaners and small businesses across this country are doomed? No, not yet. First of all, self-cleaning glass is not self-cleaning at all, so many Industries call it low maintenance glass, but in any case the idea is interesting and attracts consumers.

 In a recent article in Window and Door magazine in March 2003

, the industry was asked what they thought of self-cleaning glass, many of whom were interviewed by the construction industry, interior designers, architects, glassmakers, new home builders, tenant developers. And window cleaning service companies. Looking at the development of self-cleaning windows for quite some time, we see a time when the large mirrored glass buildings will no longer need the same frequency of services. What does this mean for companies like; the Fairy Window; the Window Band; the Window Butler; and the Window Washing Guys.

Should we be concerned that this new innovation will

frustrate the market sector causing both your reversible micro-sector rotation, which will expose thousands of temporary contractors engaged in window cleaning? Well, not exactly, but in the future we will see a change in the industry and that change is likely to come through a combination of self-cleaning windows and Nano technology. But currently PPG industries, Pilkington and at least 50 other large glass manufacturers are riding the wave in this latest trend. However, as we looked at the industry, we saw surveys claiming that more than 71 percent of consumers, given the choice, would be more likely to choose self-cleaning windows over the regular windows even with the increased cost.

A Pittsburgh-based company called Sun Clean self-cleaning

glass products introduced its version of self-cleaning glass in late 2001, as their sales increased and met corporate expectations, we saw the industry as a total lag behind the original craze of innovation. So there are 71 percent of consumers given the choice would be more likely to choose self-cleaning windows, inside as we have not seen the promised Boom?

Well, there are a number of reasons, the first being that consumers

often do not choose what can glaze one other home, as builders choose 70 percent of what goes into their homes. In custom homes and renovations to numbers are quite promising. Oh, what we saw in the new home construction is a move to lower cost, standardize and move fast. When new home buyers go for new models and discuss the purchase of a new home, those sales offices indicated that they had about 40 minutes with the customers and in that time they either made the sale, made a favorable impression for a return visit or lost. the customer completely. The option of self-cleaning glass comes with a lot of questions for example; What’s that? With no time to explain, they rarely got into the subject. Also with new customers buying at 1 to 3 percent, they also indicated that most customers and consumers were barely squeaking.

The increased costs of self-cleaning windows throughout

the home could be as much as $ 2200.00 in this increase could cost in sales those manufacturers who dealt with selling remodeling and replacement type of glass showed that a steady increase in sales is likely to continue in the future. Does this mean that the housing market for window cleaning could be greatly hampered by these numbers. The answer is yes and no. Yes, because consumers may feel that there is no need to clean the glass now, as it is supposed to be cleaned itself.

 No, because those people who could buy self-cleaning glass

worry too much about pure Windows, because it is a high priority in their life. A clean perspective, if you will? The fact is that self-cleaning glass is actually a lower maintenance glass, and it is easier to clean, so a window cleaning company; as ours for those mentioned above could actually earn more money per hour worked, thus becoming more efficient and having more money to market and get more business. Also with windows that are easier to clean, the finished work will look better and therefore more references from people who both have Erhvervsrengøring glass and do not have. We feel that it is tosup on the decreased sales due to people believing that the glasses clean themselves completely in those who are still next to the service.

In the auto industry when Cadillac went out with a car dad

going 100,000 miles between services, many automotive aftermarket service companies like Jiffy Lube, Penske automotive and Midas muffler believed this could affect their business. They did not, there were some people who bought the Cadillacs who believed in sales

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