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Why Organic Marketing is More Effective


In 2022 expectations and competition is high in SEO and digital marketing. The internet is still being used more than ever before, so it’s time to optimise and stretch your dollar a bit further for businesses looking to spend on marketing with the help of a SEO analyst. When it comes to SEO, the question for most business owners is Organic Marketing vs. Paid Marketing; which way do I go?

With marketing being

The first thing that many of your competitors may have pulled back on during the pandemic, now is the time to take advantage.

The graph will show you below that if you are in a competitive marketplace with companies that have been functional for some time; they are spending big this year. Organic spend is increasing quickly and especially among established companies.

Organic marketing is finally turning business owners’ heads into investing for the long-term, not short term gains with no ranking value. And organic SEO can still deliver after you lower your spend.

To simplify, organic SEO is a long-term investment that will help ride out budget fluctuations in the years to come.

So what is the best formula?

This year and next is the time to look for professional help, as the SEO market is more complex than ever. Given that Google currently has around 200 ranking factors at work, a diverse strategy is required for your marketing initiatives. Getting the help of a local SEO agency would be an excellent place to start.

With the right mix of strategies over different platforms and formulas, you can build user trust and start to drive convertible traffic to your site.

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Organic Marketing vs. Paid Marketing – Why Organic Marketing?

Marketing departments always feel the pressure to perform and perform FAST. This is a situation where it is easy to turn to paid ads.

Organic SEO may not satisfy the owner’s demand for quick ROI. However, it contributes over half of all trackable traffic to websites and influences almost 40 per cent of all purchases.

Organic strategies allow you to build trust and long-term relationships with your customers.

In addition to this, brand awareness is achieved. It is more cost-effective over time than any other marketing area as, unlike paid ads, you are not paying for media placements.

Paid ads are becoming archaic, but organic marketing is starting to bloom. Given that Google will remove third-party cookies in 2023, paid ads efficacy will dwindle.

Organic marketing Strategies – How to improve in 2022

Even with a limited budget, organic marketing is a decisive tool. Still, you can only expect it to be effective if you approach it right and use the right strategy.

To do so, an SEO agency with a diverse clientele will be adept at figuring out what works best in your industry. It’s always a good bet to see if they have worked with your field before; if so, let the questions flow!

Let’s look at how to get the best out of your 2022 budget (what’s left of it).

  • Using SEO’s Power. Users and Google are looking for a search to find a company with content that answers their questions and keeps them engaged. In the industry, this is known as ‘customer-first marketing’. Most users now start their journey towards purchasing items or services by conducting their own research online, so it’s paramount to invest in SEO. Make sure your content is informative and engaging, and don’t go near ‘keyword stuffing’; you don’t need to.
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Achieving excellent user experience (UX).

2022 has already represented the year where UX has been at its most influential on website rankings. With Google now ranking for load-up speeds (which they have done for some time) they have set out the three-second rule; anything over three seconds is not good for your rankings. Also, your UX must be optimised because of the length of time spent on the site (not the traditional bounce rates; more time-specific) and the monitoring of internal links and click-throughs.

  • Measuring results. Analytics are at the forefront of every business owner’s requirements. An experienced SEO agency will look to help you install Google analytics as a staple to break down simplified information for you. Meanwhile, they are using complex paid for SEO tools. Constantly evaluating trends in search terms within your industry and adjusting strategies to encompass many more fluctuations will keep you ahead.


If, after coming out of the other side of the pandemic. You don’t have the resources at hand that you did in 2019, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you need to settle for a low-quality organic SEO plan. For the remainder of this year and 2023. Use the right people to guide you. Healthy communication with them with informative information about your industry. What you are doing will help form a solid foundation upon which to build. There are 200 ranking factors with Google, so there are plenty of cheap opportunities to get traffic. Good luck!

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