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Which categories can the Nordic Walking poles from our comparison be divided into?


As numerous online tests of Nordic walking poles prove,difference between cyclocross and hybrid bike the variants are distinguished in particular with regard to the material used for the shaft. Aluminum and carbon versions are particularly common. We present both options in the following overview to make it easier for you to choose.

Nordic walking poles made of carbon


  • Particularly light
  • Very high stability and durability
  • Absorb shocks very well
  • Better swinging of the sticks possible
  • Nordic walking poles made of carbon (such as .B pacemaker from Leki) are sometimes significantly more expensive than aluminum variants


Nordic walking poles made of aluminum


  • Less dynamic vibration behavior
  • Slightly worse damping properties than carbon models
  • Higher weight (preferred by some to increase training effect)
  • Slightly lower flexibility and stability
  • Cheaper to buy


Nordic Walking poles in tests: Which are the best Nordic walking poles to complement your hiking equipment?


To make the right choice, you should know and be able to evaluate some characteristics of the sticks. These include, in particular:


  • Length
  • Adjustability
  • Damping
  • Material
  • Hand straps
  • Weight
  • Pack size and storage
  • Design and color


The length or height of the poles is particularly important, as it determines how well you handle them and how correctly you can perform the movement sequences.


But how are Nordic walking poles measured correctly? It’s particularly easy to find out the perfect length for you by picking up a stick and looking at your upper and lower arms. If these form an angle of 90 degrees, you have found the correct stick length.

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Even more precisely and even without a physical test, the correct stick length can be determined with the formula body size times 0.66. So if you are 1.70 meters tall, this would result in an ideal pole height of 112.2 centimeters. mountain bike since the poles are usually offered in five-centimeter increments and you should round off your selection, the perfect Nordic walking poles for you would be 110 centimeters high.


Furthermore, you can opt for adjustable Nordic walking poles. You can find out what advantages these versions bring you in the following table:




  • The height of nordic walking poles is individually adjustable
  • Ideal for children, as sticks can grow with you
  • Perfect when sticks are exchanged with each other (adaptation to different body sizes possible)




  • Slightly shorter shelf life
  • Nordic walking poles with click systems are often less stable
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