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What to do with toys that are no longer needed?


When the children are out of infancy and family planning is complete,best off road remote control cars the largest content of a nursery becomes superfluous. Because children not only outgrow clothes and beds, but also their toys: the children’s books are no longer read and radio plays and most toys are no longer of interest.


Mucking out is more than just cleaning up every day – even if the tendency to collect is actually deep in the genetic code of humans. But the lack and collection of toys is not associated with existential distress, which is why there is no reason to hold on to this imprint. Of course, this also applies to children, who should also learn to sort out things with which they no longer play. Only in this way can they also experience that less is often more.


Many parents wonder what to do with the dollhouse, the baby rattles or the Playstation? Everything is possible – throw away, give away, sell or exchange


Flea market

A flea market always has a surprise in store, it can be a success, but also a disappointment. The good thing about it, however, is that often just the most inconspicuous part finds a buyer, of which one would have least suspected it. Dates can be found in the daily newspapers, but also on the Internet. Together with a friend or neighbor you can share a stand and the stand costs. In many cities and towns there are even special flea markets for and by children. Here the kids can advertise their own things and earn pocket money.



Quite uncomplicated, game items can also be sold via the Internet. Here you can place classified ads that offer things in exchanges or carry out private auctions. At the auctions you reach a particularly large number of potential interested parties. However, the prerequisite for this is that the toys can be easily packed and shipped. Extremely important is also a meaningful and above all honest description of the offer. Visual defects or missing parts and traces of use should be mentioned. Good photos also say a lot about the toy and if it does not cost anything extra, you can definitely upload several photos. Here it is definitely worthwhile to leave the auction or the advertisement online until the Christmas season. This is exactly the time when many are looking for the right toy gift for a small price.


Second-hand shop

If you pass on toys to a second-hand shop, you have to do without part of the sales price, but you can quickly make room for it at home. In addition, a neutral opinion can be helpful to take a critical look at the toy. If the experienced second-hand shop seller basically has little prospect for a buyer, then it may be the easier solution to give the things away for free.



It’s always a good thing to give away disused toys. Possible contact persons for this are well-known and friendly families with children or kindergartens.f1 folmula rccar often they or a support association organize a bazaar where donations are welcome. Children’s homes, the “Tafel” parishes, associations, and other charitable institutions are also eligible. Simply throwing usable toys in the trash is a waste.

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