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What does Gangnam Style teach about women?


I decided to deviate from the usual articles a bit to help you find your ex and see women in general. Now I decided to do it through the best “셔츠룸  Style” YouTube video. So what does this catchy Korean music video tell us about women…it doesn’t tell us anything but highlights the interesting ideas and facts behind women’s behavior and opinions? Used to do.

Let’s take a look at the main lyrics of “Opal Gangnam Style” first.

Opal roughly translates to older brother and is used by Korean girls to talk to older men nearby. Respect for older people is a big part of their culture (it’s important to remember this if you’re dating an Asian girl). Koreans want girls to call them. It shows a certain respect and sincerity.

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. Beverly Hills can be considered an American equivalent. The PSY singer says the local women are noble by day and immersed by night, and he sings that he’s the right man for such a woman. You know what the word “style” means.

I believe that every woman lives this double life.

They all have good and bad. I remember before my relationship with my ex ended, I was very naive and thought he was the perfect angel. I was in love and I could only see the good side. Experiences. Women are very sexual, but this dark side remains hidden because they never want to be stigmatized as women. Reputation is so important to women that they are simply not ready to damage their reputation with men.

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To attract and retain women, you need to appeal to both parties.

It’s really important! You should appeal to his good side by being kind, fun, confident, and respectful. His girlfriend is a man who gets jealous when seen in public and can be safely taken back to his family. And you have to appeal to her bad girl side and be unpredictable, exciting and sexually adventurous. If you only call a nice girl, he will get bored and maybe cheat on you. She just appeals to the wrong girl’s side and gets used to it, looking for a guy who feels more comfortable with her.

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