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What Are Virtual Cards and How to Use Them?

Virtual Cards

Having to replace a stolen or lost credit Virtual Cards is quite inconvenient. Most especially when you are nowhere close to your home or bank. Your personal information and money may be in danger if a firm you’ve done business with suffers a security breach. 

Virtual credit cards have now entered the market. Virtual credit cards are digital versions of plastic cards that conceal the actual credit card data for just one transaction. Using a virtual card safeguards your permanent card account information from being compromised.

When making purchases online or trying to play at a live casino Canada using a virtual card might provide extra protection. Virtual cards may be generated by most card issuers nowadays, and they can be used at almost any online store.

What is a Virtual Card?

A virtual credit card’s 16-digit number and 3-digit CVV code are produced at random when making transactions online. The numbers on the cards may only be used to make purchases on the Internet or by phone, but not in person.

The charges will be applied to the original credit card number when a new card number is obtained. While the virtual number can be used to make a purchase, it will no longer function after completing the transaction.  

Expenses made using a virtual credit card are recorded as charges on the underlying credit card accounts. It may incur interest charges similarly to traditional credit card transactions.

How to Request a Virtual Card

The vast majority of major card companies currently offer virtual credit cards. Before requesting a virtual credit card, you must first obtain a real card from the credit company.

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Requesting a virtual card is often as simple as entering into an online account. Look for a setting called “Virtual Credit Card” or “Virtual Card Numbers” on the website or app of your card issuer. Your temporary card can be generated using either your card issuer’s website or mobile app. 

You may be required to install a third-party program when using a virtual credit card. Your virtual card’s parameters, such as its spending cap and expiration date, may be subject to change after it has been generated. After that, you may begin using that number whenever you shop digitally (such as on a website or using a mobile app).

Benefits of Virtual Cards

  • Virtual credit cards provide an additional safeguard against identity theft caused by unsecured networks or hacks. Due to the fact that virtual cards provide one-time-use account information for the business, they are worthless to fraudsters.
  • With certain services, you may customize your virtual credit card’s expiration date and credit limit independently of your real card.  
  • If the cardholder ever has to deactivate their account, canceling their virtual credit card is significantly simpler. You can typically lock or remove them with a click if they are hacked.
  • After reporting a lost or stolen credit card, the cardholder must wait for a replacement card to be provided. However, the canceling procedure for a virtual card is substantially less complicated. After termination, the cardholder will still have online access to their credit account.

Things to Consider Before Requesting a Virtual Card

  • Even though they are convenient, virtual credit cards can be fraudulently used. Users should still be on the lookout for suspicious activity on their credit card bills frequently.
  • Credit card companies have responded to the rise in internet shopping with virtual credit cards. This refers to purchases when the card being used for payment is never physically shown to the retailer. Online, in-app, over-the-phone and snail mail purchases are just a few examples.
  • There’s also a chance that the procedure of returning merchandise may become more challenging. The same credit card number is needed for refunds at several different stores. Virtual credit card information that has subsequently expired may prevent a monetary refund and force you to take shop credit instead.
  • Virtual credit cards might cause issues when making reservations for things like hotels or rental cars that need to be verified later. The retailer might have complications if the virtual and real card numbers do not match.
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Are Virtual Cards Safer Than Conventional Cards

Virtual cards give another degree of protection by replacing your actual card number with a short-term one. There will be less of a risk that your real card details will be stolen this way.

Despite their convenience, virtual cards are still vulnerable to fraud. Temporary card numbers may be used to make a purchase if a hacker was able to obtain them and use them while they are still valid. Virtual cards have the same fraud protection from issuers as conventional cards. 

The standard procedures for disputing charges should be followed if fraud is suspected. The good news is that your account number will remain safe and secure, so there’s no need to alter it. You’ll need to cancel the temporary one if you’d like to start fresh with a new card number.

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