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What are salts? Examples of salt?


Salts are ionic compounds that form when an acid and a base react. The most common type of salt is sodium chloride, which is also known as table salt. Other examples of salts include potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and calcium carbonate. Salts can also be formed by dissolving a metal in an acid. For example, iron chloride is formed when the iron is dissolved in hydrochloric acid.

Acidic salts:

aluminum salts, ammonium salts, boric acid salts

basic salts: calcium oxide, magnesium oxide

halide salts: chloride salts, fluoride salts, bromide salts

oxoacid salts: sulfate salts, phosphate salts

salt-like compounds: carbonic acid salts, silicate salts

Smelling salts:

Smelling salts are a type of salt that is used to revive someone who has fainted. Also if you want to know whats smelling salt do then healthsectors.net provides you with this opportunity. They work by releasing a strong smell that helps to wake up the person. Smelling salts are usually made from ammonium carbonate or ammonium chloride.

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