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Web Intelligence-The Need to Measure Viewer Intensity


The structure of the modern media business relies heavily on the size of the audience to see the advertising potential of the company. On broadcast television, the goal is to raise the rating measured by Nielsen in order to direct more advertising rates. This model is based on a configuration where advertisers have to pay based on the number of viewers viewing their product. CPT (Cost per 1000), which measures the cost of reaching 1000 viewers, is an industry standard. Mimicking television broadcasting, web businesses have a similar strategy focused on the number of people visiting the site. In other words, many web businesses have strategies to monetize the number of hits they receive on their site. Every effort to get customers to the web is a win. Advertisers can pay based on the number of site visitors and adjust their investment using metrics similar to CPT.

More and more website structures are designed to allow for more hits.

This is because it is the most important indicator that can be monetized. Despite the fact that the web has evolved in more than any of these industries, it has followed the television models of magazines, newspapers, cables and 스포츠중계. This model works, but it’s very poor, especially for web businesses. Unfortunately, the use of models like CPT continues to influence how marketing directors allocate marketing costs. In my view, the size of your web audience is important, but most importantly, the strength your website can create with potential advertising products.

This is important because audience concentration provides more potential rewards for advertising costs than the size of your web audience. Not surprisingly, you need to bring people to your site before you can access the strength it brings. However, it’s safe to look at audience strength within the context of a niche media strategy where advertisers spend money on sites where audience strength is a metric higher than audience size. Let me explain my case with an example. Facebook is the number one website in the United States in terms of audience size. Every day, more people visit this size than any other size. Of course, it’s the most natural place to advertise. However, Facebook demographics are not the best place to promote the release of the new Lincoln MKS.

The reason is that Facebook may not produce enough strength for products like Lincoln MKS,

Which are usually associated with people over the age of 50. They will see ads, but few people connect to them. You can have the same discussion about different products and websites. What matters is the level of intensity of your viewers and site visitors and how it matches the product being advertised. This makes it necessary to measure the strength of the web.

The Internet age needs new statistics that go beyond what traditional broadcast television has used for decades. We must incorporate the element of confirming the engagement of site visitors.You can already see websites that use a lot of distractions to get web hits. Unfortunately, that statistic doesn’t tell you how much a visitor is connected to your site. For the future of the web business, we need to push further to get that strength data.


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