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Top 5 benefits of visiting to a massage therapist in Calgary

Massage therapist in Calgary - Massage therapy Calgary - Relaxation massage - Rhema Gold Physiorehab
Massage therapist in Calgary - Massage therapy Calgary - Relaxation massage - Rhema Gold Physiorehab

Massage is a natural healing treatment used for many conditions. The history of massage treatment is very vast as it passed down the generations from 3000BCE or may be earlier. But today many people think that massage is the best way to keep yourself relax after the hectic working week. There are many massage types which are used for the relaxation purposes. But on the other hand there some massage types which are used to treat some serious conditions and their results are exceptional. For example craniosacral massage, this massage is very beneficial for migraine patients. As it focuses on the membrane and the head. The massage therapist in Calgary use many other massage types for several conditions as well.

In this article we will discuss the top 5 benefits of massage therapy.

Reduce anxiety and depression

The rate of anxiety and depression increases day by day. There are two different camps of thought regarding the anxiety and depression. One camp states that massage is very beneficial for the person dealing with the anxiety and depression or hypertension. And the other camp didn’t deny this fact. But also add this that the anxiety and depression is not dependent on the massage therapy. It is a person’s will to cope anxiety and depression massage is just a window.

Many medical specialist and physiotherapist believe that massage is very beneficial in treating the anxiety. Because we have several touch receptors on our body and those touch receptors works as a tension points used by the massage therapist. A massage therapist in Calgary use those tension point to pay more attention on them. So that the muscles can relax and release the stiffness. Basically anxiety and depression cause muscles and shoulder stiffness. Which is why massage is important, massage helps those tension in the muscles to melt down and send a happy signal to the mind. That is why many people use massage therapy for their anxiety and depression issues.

Better sleep cycle

Did you know that having 60 minute massage can benefit you as same as the proper sleep a human body should take. In simple words human body needs 7-8 hours of sleep for effective working. But study shows that a 60 minute massage so the same work as it is equivalent to the 7-8 hours of sleep. People dealing with the sleep issues prefer massage therapies over medication. Because massage has no side effects until unless your skin is sensitive. If you have a sensitive skin then there are some massage types which can work opposite for the people who have sensitive skin. Other than that massage is better option than most of the other treatments for maintaining the better sleep cycle.

Freshen the mood

Speaking of the anxiety, depression and sleep cycle of the human body, good mood in one of the main reason why people opt massage therapies. Massage therapy is very beneficial in freshening the mood. There are many reasons but the most important one is that our body has so many tension points. They act differently for different purposes and a good massage therapist in Calgary knows how to deal with those tension points and when. Swedish massage and Aroma therapy is used for the mood freshening as these tow massage types has the highest positivity rate in freshening and balancing ones mood.

Treat medical conditions

Apart from relaxation and mood freshening massage therapy is used for the treatment of many medical conditions. There are several massage types which are designed to treat medical conditions such as craniosacral massage therapy. This massage type is very beneficial for the people with headache and migraine problems. There are so many other ways to treat headache and migraine in the medical history but massage therapy is the one which has no side effects. Many physiotherapists and medical specialist prefer craniosacral massage for the patients dealing with the migraine and other headache problems.

As it focuses the membrane. This is the one kind of massage which only uses the head of the human body along with neck and shoulder. Many massage therapist only massage on head and some do the massage on the neck and the shoulders. There is no such rule to only massage the particular parts but it is preferably on the massage therapist and the severity of the pain. For example if a person is dealing with the migraine and they also complains about the stiff shoulders than the massage therapist will also cover the neck and shoulder area while massaging his head?

This will benefits in blood flow as well as release the muscle’s tension. Because sometime half of the severity of the headache is coming from the stiff muscles. So by relaxing those muscles patients automatically feel relaxed and less pain.

On the Bottom Line

Rhema-Gold Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and wellness center is a physiotherapy clinic in Calgary. They have the best massage therapist in Calgary who will take care of you and your conditions. So if you are looking for that consider us as they are the leading physio clinic in Calgary. Visit their website or call for the appointment.

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