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Top 10 Bulk SMS Service Provider In India

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Bulk SMS Service Provider: SMS (Short Message Service) is a process of sending and receiving text messages/text SMS for communication purposes. Text-based messaging is the most inexpensive way to reach your customer. Nowadays, we are using this service to promote brands and businesses. This allows you to send multiple messages at once. Another way is to use a website called easyway sms. This will also allow you to send 1000 SMS at a time free online.

Sending the SMS/MMS messages to many users at the same time is referred to as BULK SMS. In India with 761 million smartphone users, the use of Bulk SMS Service Provider for business development is a beneficial approach.

For that reason, there are several BULK SMS PROVIDERS IN INDIA, but choosing the right one for your business is important. 

There are two types of BULK SMS:

  1. Promotional SMS: Text messages that are used for increasing sales by inviting customers through discounts and offers. They are only used for non-DND customers.
  2. Transactional SMS: Text messages used for both DND and non-DND customers. They are basically the non-marketed messages to inform the customers about the transactions, login information, and delivery updates.  

But before discussing the BULK SMS SERVICE provider, let’s discuss some benefits of the BULK SMS SERVICES:

Why choose Bulk SMS Service:

  • This service has a high open-rate i.e 98% and helps you to reach a greater audience because of the capability of mass access. Sending broadcast or one-to-many messages simultaneously.

  • Cheapest service to connect with your customers. When compared to other tv, radio, and print marketing methods this is a very affordable way of marketing. It has no hidden cost.

  • BULK SMS SERVICE provides you with lifetime validity.

  • From the receiver as well as sender’s point of view it requires minimal effort as the text message is very concise (160-characters without any images and files). The simple and short the message is, a high open and read rate will be.

  • The delivery rate and read rate are high as compared to emails which may not be opened for days and sometimes remain in the spam folder as well. SMS takes less than 7 seconds to reach recipients. So it is considered to be the fastest service.

Top 10 Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

1. GetItSMS:

If you are looking for an advertising company that helps to grow your business at a faster rate then you are in the right spot. GetItSMS is the most demanding bulk SMS service provider in India that delivers its services for the last 12 years and helps businesses to meet their customers.

GetItSMS BULK SMS SERVICE PROVIDER is a Bangalore-based company that has branches in several states to provide devoted service all the time.

If we look at the advantages of the BULK SMS PROVIDERS, GetItSMS provide you with the best services to meet the company’s requirements and help connect with their subscribers.

2. 99SMSService:

When it comes to the promotion of a brand BULK SMS SERVICES are found to be the most useful application. 99SMSService is a BULK SMS PROVIDER that makes your company grow at a faster rate by providing you with the best service.

 It is proved to be the most demanding and useful BULK SMS SERVICE PROVIDER IN INDIA.

3. SMSHorizon:

SMSHorizon is a popular BULK SMS SERVICE PROVIDER based in Tami Nadu. 

Whether you want to promote your product or increase the reach of your customer, SMSHorizon provides you with the best service. you can send text messages to hundreds of people with no time by simply registering yourself with SMSHorizon.

4. Msg91:

MSG91 provides you with the service with worldwide coverage. The main drawback of this service is that it is quite expensive.

MSG91 service offers to send both transactional and promotional messages and make your business invite people and attract them by advertising.

5. TextLocal:

TextLocal is a UK-Based bulk SMS service in India that provides bulk SMS campaigns in 20+ languages.

Whether you have to send a message to a handful of audiences or to hundreds of audiences at a time TextLocal is proven to be the great BULK SMS MARKETING SERVICE.  

This service might not be useful for every business because of its high rate but it provides you with a real-time report. Also, it provides you free service for up to 10 messages.

6. GupShup:

GupShup BULK SMS SERVICE PROVIDER is helping businesses to grow for decades. This provides the BULK SMS SERVICE to the small and large-scale businesses and engages the customer with the services.

GupShup provides its services primarily in India. UK and US.because of its feature for the growth of business it is ranked in the top 10 service providers.

7. BhashSMS:

BhashSMS service provider comes with cost-effectiveness as compared to other services mentioned above, but with this advantage, it serves poor deliverability. All over India, BhashSMS has 200K+ customers.

BhashSMS GROW WITH US, provide a service that is easily accessible with laptop and smartphones at a reasonable price but with poor delivery. 

8. SpringEdge:

The SpringEdge BULK SMS PROVIDER specialized in transactional messages with quite less cost than msg91 and TextLocal providers. 

SpringEdge platform for business communication in India covers worldwide for better SMS and voice message communication.

9. 2Factor:

For delivery of messages within 2-6 seconds with multiple telecom partners, 2Factor in India is used. 

It is a simple and trustworthy platform used by businesses for the promotion of their brands and to connect with users. For sending a text message to hundreds of clients simultaneously 2 Factor is a reliable platform in India.

10. Kaleyra:

To create a powerful connection with customers Kaleyra is found to be the biggest BULK SMS SERVICE PROVIDER globally.

The interface of Kaleyra is simple with a connection of 1600+ mobile operators that send SMS in multiple languages.


You know about texting one message to another, but what if you send a text message to hundreds of people? For that, you have to use BULK SMS SERVICE PROVIDERS.

During the lockdown, every business suffered a lot, but BULK SMS SERVICE PROVIDER helps them to reach their customers. Several service providers are there in India but for choosing one out of them one must know about the needs of their business and make sure it meets all of your expectations.

Above mentioned BULK SMS SERVICE PROVIDER, GetItSMS provide you the best service for mass communication and helps to make your business grow.

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