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Things to know when you are traveling to Azerbaijan


The culture of Azerbaijan is a combination of historical, religious, and traditional evolving and molding across centuries to make modern-day Azerbaijan. Some traits may be well-known and others foreign and contradictory, but some things make this country special. If you are planning to travel to Azerbaijan for tourism, first of all, you need to apply for an Azerbaijan E visa. Now we will explain a few travel tips for Azerbaijan that you must not forget to include in your journey. Before applying for an Azerbaijan visa, note them down or keep them in your mind to spend a trouble-free vacation once you apply for Azeri visa

1. Get Yourself Registered:

First of all, it is crucial to register yourself at the State Migration Service if you are planning to stay more than 10 days in Azerbaijan. Generally, hotels or hostels that you have booked take care of this formality to avoid any problem for their guests. And, those who are planning to stay on Airbnb have to take care of this reserve on their own. To register yourself, you need to apply for an Azerbaijan E visa that authorizes you to stay in the country. 

2. Know The Language:

Once you are applying for a visa Azerbaijan online, it’s important for you to learn some common phrases of the Azerbaijan language. The official language spoken by this country is Azeri which is also a Turkish dialect. Luckily, you might find some locals speak English but that is rare therefore don’t keep your hopes high. Now you can visit Azerbaijan by applying for an Azerbaijan E visa after learning the language. 

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3. Dilemma About Clothes:

Although Azerbaijan is known as a Muslim country and it is a secular country. Thus, you can pack whatever you want and wear dresses while traveling to this country via applying for an Azerbaijan online visa. You can pack your shorts and tops for traversing the cosmopolitan city, Baku. You can also visit Baku city by filling out the requirements for an Azerbaijan E visa.   Hence, there are no strict rules regarding clothes to wear and everyone is free to wear what they like. 

4. Taxi Scams:

When you apply for an Azerbaijan E visa, it’s crucial for you to tell where you stay in the country. While traveling from the airport to your hotel or desired destination, it is not desirable for you to choose taxis from outside the airport since they charge a massive amount of money from the tourists, it is advisable to book Uber or Yandex taxis. It will be hassle-free to find these taxis as they are easily available at reasonable prices.

5. Local Transport: 


One of the best ways to travel in Baku city is via metro bus as it is the cheapest and fastest way to cross around. But if you look for comfort traveling then you have an option for taxis. But it is important to learn the skill of bargaining here as the taxis charge around 10 times more than the original amount from travelers.

  1. Nightlife in Azerbaijan:

Baku is not only considered the capital of Azerbaijan, but it is also said to be the hub of nightlight in the country. Baku the nightlife of Azerbaijan will make you crave the vibe, flavor, and ambiance of Azerbaijan. You must do keen research before your arrival at Azerbaijan so that you will not feel regret that you have missed something. 

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In this article, we have mentioned the things that you need to know before planning your trip to Azerbaijan. By reading this post, you will tips that can make your trip more happening.


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