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The Best Guide for Microsoft AZ 104


Microsoft is constantly innovating and expanding its Azure certifications and learning paths to guarantee that you stay updated in today’s demanding IT world. The Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate exam code is AZ 104. An Azure administrator’s responsibilities include implementing, administering, and monitoring an organization’s Azure environment. The administrator is also in charge of administering Azure’s computing, identity management, storage, and networking resources.

Prerequisites for the Test

Microsoft Azure Certifications need extensive study, and at least 6 months of hands-on expertise with Azure administration and a solid grasp of Azure services, workload, safety, and management are required for this test.

About the Certification

As opposed to other Microsoft role-based tests, the exam of AZ 104 is rated as ‘Intermediate.’ You may expect questions from the five modules listed below, as well as case studies, on this test to assess your ability to grasp advanced technical concepts.

Module 1: Azure Identity Management and Governance (15-20 percent)

Module 2: Storage Implementation and Management (10-15 percent)

Module 3: Deploying and Managing Azure Compute Resources (25-30 percent)

Module 4: Configure and Manage Virtual Networking (30-35 percent)

Module 5: Azure Resource Monitoring and Backup (10-15 percent)

The AZ 104 Exam Pattern is as follows:

The exam lasts three hours. There are approximately 60 questions. The test is divided into sections, and you must pass each section to pass the exam. These parts are comprised of different questions, including Yes-No questions, case studies, and hands-on activities. Each segment has multiple questions. 

Except for the yes-no portion, all the sections require you to go through the questions. The cost of the test varies based on the location of the candidate. This Azure certification cost is Rs 4800 in India. 

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The test may be undertaken at any Pearson Examination Center or from the comfort of your own home or workplace. You will be granted the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator credential upon completion of the exam which is valid for two years.

Purpose of this Certification

Microsoft’s AZ 104 certification is an entry-level certificate that provides new IT workers with hands-on experience using Microsoft Azure Certification courses.

This certification is intended for and aimed at experienced administrators who utilize Azure regularly in their work. It also serves as a fantastic beginning point for industry newcomers wishing to demonstrate their technical knowledge and abilities while gaining significant lab experience to assist them land Azure employment.

Material for Study and Reference

There are several methods for preparing for the AZ 104 exam. Self-learning portals include the Microsoft Learn Portal, Microsoft Documents, and Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC). Otherwise, you may choose instructor-led training to master the Azure Administration course in a more structured manner.

Tips to Improve Your AZ 104 Exam Performance

1) Examine the Official AZ 104 Website

You should begin by reading the AZ 104 section on the Microsoft website. There, you’ll discover all of the necessary information as well as Microsoft’s preparation alternatives.

2) The Microsoft AZ-101 Exam Goals should be printed.

As all questions on the AZ 104 test are from the Microsoft preparation module and course material, your preparation should be based on the exam objectives.

3) Enroll in an Online Course

Once you’ve determined what’s essential in AZ 104, you may sign up for online training. Obtaining the coveted Microsoft certification is one of the most significant stepping-stones to engage with industry specialists.

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Is it difficult to pass the AZ 104 test?

Candidates who lack the essential abilities or who have not taken in the necessary time and effort to study for the test via Azure certification training will not be able to pass the exam through guessing. It has a high difficulty level for an entry-level certificate.

The AZ 104 is a crucial certificate and a significant milestone in the career of any IT worker. However, it may not be the ultimate or highest level of certification you obtain. Still, it provides you with valuable experience working with Microsoft Azure and helps you become a better administrator.


The goal of AZ 104 certification is to have applicants examined for configuration understanding and use it in real-world practice settings. As a result, there are several case studies based on extensive research and statistical analysis to mirror actual Azure instances.

The majority of the questions on the AZ 104 test are from the Virtual Storage and Networking categories. The tests also include a lab component, and hands-on experience is required.

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