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Teal Swan – A Shining Light in The World of Darkness

Teal Swan
Teal Swan

Life is not simple, and at times one needs a spiritual mentor and guide to light the path to happiness and bliss. Most people forget about their purpose in life and end up embracing suffering, pain, and loneliness. The meaning of life is useless to them, and those who cannot take it anymore decide to commit suicide, hoping that the end is the solution to all their problems. and patterns that lead to depression and, in some extreme cases, suicide. They just do not know how to deal with these past wounds and move on with their lives.

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Teal Swan – Bringing back joy in the lives of people

Teal Swan is a celebrated spiritual teacher, best-selling author, inspirational public speaker, and social media star, widely loved and respected across the world. She is a strong name to reckon with in the new age spiritual revolution that is taking place across the world rapidly.

Most people are unhappy when it comes to life as they are disconnected from within. They fail to understand what they want or need as they are not present in the moment. They have problems at home and in the workplace and end up feeling lonely. There is a big difference between being “alone” and “lonely,” the latter being a sad story for most people.

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Her message of self-love, acceptance, and authenticity

She has been a victim of abuse for 13 years as a child; however, she survived the ordeal and rose to inspire others today. She does not spread esoteric knowledge; unlike her peers, she knows what suffering and pain are. She herself has been subjected to them. Gifted with extrasensory abilities, she uses her innate talents of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience to reach out to others so that they can overcome the pangs of loneliness and isolation to come back to a meaningful life with joy.

Spreading messages online

She has a YouTube channel that she uses to reach out to people. Her channel today has more than 20 million views and over a quarter-million subscribers. She helps her followers understand the importance of authenticity and the practice of self-love. She has written a best-selling book called The Completion Process, where she shares the 18-step guide to self-restoration and healing. This book shows readers how they can heal past hurts or any present problem. It shows them –

  1. How to create a safe haven in their mind where it is safe to re-visit a difficult or a painful memory.
  2. Validate those emotions that are painful.
  3. Allow feelings to shift organically towards relief.
  4. Shut down the traumatic memories to start a new life.

This book by Teal Swan does not focus on healing work alone; it also shows one the path of knowledge and enlightenment. In fact, it leaves you with a high sense of hope and value in this world, an assurance that your life will again be meaningful and good. Besides the above, her book also shows you how to stay connected to your feelings and emotions. The moment you are connected to yourself like a true friend, you can actually dissociate yourself from pain and suffering to lead a happier and satisfied life.

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