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Steps to Measure Success of an Online Course

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 Online Course With the growth in science and technology, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. There is a tough competition going on in the e-learning field, hence making one’s course successful can be challenging. Every online course creator develops a course to be financially, professionally, and socially successful only. 

Developing a course, and being satisfied with a particular range of enrollments is not healthy. Continuous efforts need to be made for improvement and betterment. To do so, measuring course success rate is important. You need to measure the current teaching practices and services in this regard. Let us discuss some effective steps that can be followed to measure the course’s success. 

Steps to measure the success of online courses 

1.Track the learning progress

An online course is said to be successful when effective learning outcomes are generated. To check the success rate of your online course, this step is quite useful. You should track the learner’s progress throughout the course duration. There is no such fixed rule that success is measured at the end of the course when exams are conducted. 

No, students’ participation and interest in everyday class activities can serve your purpose. For example, after teaching a particular topic, you can ask students some basic questions related to the topic taught. Effective class engagement will show that current teaching practices are working and you are stepping on the stairs to success. Quizzes, online discussions, one on one questioning, and debates can help you to track the learner’s progress. 

2.Let learners act as educators

Another way to measure the success of your online course is by the interchange of positions. For instance, you can ask students to be educators on a particular day or live session. Let students take the authority of demonstrating any course topic and you become the learner. Allow students to come to the classes prepared, speak, explain and deliver a topic. 

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By seeing them confidently explaining the topics, you can ensure the course’s success. Also, you can make notes on how effective is the student’s understanding, what are their weaker sections, who all are lagging, and what can be done for improvement. This can foster learner-to-learner interactions. Better the class engagement, the more successful the online course. 

3.Analyze the results of assessments conducted

For effective online teaching and learning, exams play an important role. Assessment not only helps learners with academic accomplishments but also helps teachers in many ways. Keep conducting formative and summative assessments both. Online quizzes, online discussions, open-book tests, and forums are some of the assessment methods.

By using a learning management system, you can maintain records of students’ scores and grades. The improvement and the enhancement in scores will boost your confidence that the course is going in the right direction. The fall in marks means the teaching practices or students’ accountability rate is descending. This will help you to take further action accordingly. 

4.Seek feedback from the current learners

Another method to measure the success of your course is by directly seeking feedback from the current enrollement. To sell online courses effectively, feedback is quite helpful for educators. Make students feel safe, secure, and comfortable with you.

Ask them how effective they are in finding the current teaching patterns and class qualities. Ask them whether their academic needs and expectations are being satisfied or not. Students will help you to get a proper idea regarding your online course success. 

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5.Conducting surveys

You can also conduct survey forms to collect a good amount of information regarding how effective the learners have found your course. On the course selling website, put survey forms. Ask your alumni to fill it out as soon as possible. You can ask the pass-out, students, how effective the learning experience was, and what positive changes have happened.

You can include questions like did the course help you in academic or professional development and more. The positive reviews received mean that your course is benefiting the learners. This makes you stand out from the crowd, and ensure course success for a longer time duration. 


To keep growing financially and professionally, checking your online course success is important. You should know if your time, effort, and experience are giving effective results or not. By following the above-mentioned tips, online educators can measure the success of their courses and keep working for improvement. 

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