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The Secret Way to Spy On WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram


Ever dream of living in a world where people can read your mind and you can read theirs. Well, how chaotic that world would be. Scary maybe but then no one would hide anything from others. I know it would be not that simple but still, I think people will be more open and honest with each other and that would save us from many heartbreaks. Well, I got one recently. My kid was hiding things from me and she even lied to me right on my face on so many occasions. It would not have been caught for God knows how much more time but one act revealed all the secrets. The thing is being a single mother I am very sentimental and sensitive regarding any of her demands. My parents think that I have spoiled her badly but for me, she is my whole world and I always thought that our relationship is different. I have always given her what she has asked for without asking a second question and I guess that was my mistake. Kids are simply kids, we should act like adults and handle the situation. I was just trying to satisfy myself as a good mother and was not thinking that this lifestyle is affecting her personality in a bad manner.

Things started to fall apart when I got the call from her school. She hit another girl and broke her nose just because she found out that they both like the same boy. She has not learned to compromise and she has no idea how to handle rejection. So long story short she got physical in the school and was not able to control her anger. Once I reached the school and attended the meeting there was this whole list of complaints they had. The victim’s parents were also there and they told me that their kid is even receiving threatening messages on WhatsApp and Facebook. Of course, the Facebook id was fake but I recognized the WhatsApp number right away. It was like she was a different person. She got suspension and honestly I was not in the right state of mind to find the right punishment. So in the end I just snatched all of her smart gadgets. I was nowhere in making up my mind when my friend came to my rescue. She got the gadgets and installed the OgyMogy parental control app in all of them. That was the start of my spying app journey.

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Spy On WhatsApp:

The app offer spy on WhatsApp features that let the user know about all the WhatsApp activities of the target. I can watch what kind of message she sends to the circle and if anyone contains rude or threatening language. The app also gives access to all the private and secret WhatsApp chat groups. That means you can even check the media files shared through the teenager’s gadget as well. It was a breath of fresh air for me. As I wanted 24/7 kind of monitoring after the school bullying incident. The OgyMogy spy app offered the services and much more.  The app even saves the disappeared content as well.

Facebook Spy App:

It is indeed difficult in the case of Facebook as one can make a fake id. But not with the OgyMogy spy app. As the app let, the parents know about all the Facebook account IDs and the activities. You can even check the story section, followers, and the messenger activities as well.

Snapchat Spy App:

The teenager thinks Snapchat is safe and different as the content gets disappears from the chat and platform but they don’t know that there is always a way out. The OgyMogy offers a Snapchat spy app that even saves all the disappeared content for the user. You can monitor the location, company, discovery folder, and all the Snapchat activities of the kid.

Instagram Spy App:

She was once an obsessive user of Instagram but with time she almost ghosted the account. The reason was she had another account with no family member. The OgyMogy Instagram spy app notified me about the secret account and the activities.

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Get the app and see if it works for you.



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