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Rodents Eating Away Your Electrical Wiring? Follow These Tips!

Rodents Eating

Rodents Eating like mice and squirrels have teeth that never stop growing. Therefore, chewing on wires and other household items is a part of their lifestyle. If you have rats and mice in your home, be prepared to find your electric wirings in bad condition. These unwanted home guests will chew on whatever they find and use it to make their nest. 

Rodents will invade your house even more during the cold weather as it provides them with the warmth and food resources they need to survive. Once they create a nest, they will begin breeding. Before you know it, you will be bombarded with rodents. That is why it is recommended to look at Bryan pest control plans before it is too late. 

Signs of rodents chewing your wires

  • Bite marks on cable and wires.
  • Droppings and greasy marks.
  • Scratching sounds.
  • Frequent fluctuations.
  • Circuits tripping. 

Ways to protect your wiring at home from rodents

Understand the damage rodents can cause. 

The first step to protecting your electrical wiring is understanding the type of damage rodents can cause. You might think finding one or two mice in the house is not a big deal, and you can get rid of them using traps. While that might be possible, traps do not always work. 

If you are unsuccessful in dealing with the one or two mice in the house, they could cause substantial damage to your wiring. In severe situations, it can even cause a fire. When rodents disrupt electrical currents, it can even cause circuit-breaker issues. 

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Seal the entry points. 

The next step is sealing the entry points. You might think rodents cannot enter your house because all the doors and windows are closed. But remember that these pests can squeeze through the tiniest holes and gaps. The biggest entry point is the basement.

Look around your basement, and you may find various such gaps through which rats, mice, and squirrels can sneak in. If there are such, ensure you get them sealed as soon as possible. 

Bring out the bait. 

Once you understand where the rodents like to hang out and which wires they chew on the most, it is time to bring out the bait. Putting bait traps near electrical wiring can work effectively in catching them. It would be even better if the traps contain poison, as it would kill the pest immediately. However, remember that traps may not eliminate each pest in the house. 

Call pest control services today if rodents are making it impossible for you to live peacefully in your own house. 

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