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Premade Book Cover for Epub and Mobi eBooks


There are two major reasons to create yourself your personal EPUB as well as MOBI.
It provides you with more control over how your book will appear.

If you’re looking to publish independent ebooks by yourself it is necessary to convert them converted to MOBI and EPUB. it’s really just a matter of the conversion to EPUB and MOBI, as the EPUB MOBI conversion is incredibly simple.

Now let’s discuss how to create an EPUB and MOBI.

There are three extremely good software tools for free. (1) Calibre . (2) Sigil . Scroll down the GitHub page to find download links. (3) The Kindle Previewer. These tools can do a variety of things and you’ll need each of them. They’re updated constantly and you should check for updates each and every now and then.

Calibre converts files in one format to another format. You can also use Calibre to modify metadata (title, author’s name, ISBN, author’s name, etc.) within your documents.

The most common method is to typically use Calibre in order to transform RTF or HTML to EPUB before converting to MOBI. In other words, you aim to get the EPUB exactly how you want first, and then do you convert it into MOBI.

The conversion process in Calibre is completely automatic, but there are a huge variety of settings that you can adjust to alter the outputs. It typically takes several attempts until you’ve got the settings and outputs that are just right. Calibre also comes with a basic screen for e-readers that lets you examine the present state of your EPUB as well as your MOBI. You can also in a certain degree, direct edit the EPUB using Calibre. Once you’re satisfied, then you’re able to copy your EPUB and MOBI documents to disk and test them on different e-readers. It’s also possible to go back to Calibre and alter the files further.

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Sigil lets you modify the layout of your EPUB file directly in many ways: you are able to edit or totally change the content, include photos, modify the Table of Contents and much more. Sigil can also be used to check if the current EPUB file has any formatting issues within it, and assists you in fixing the issues. Sigil has been rebranded as an open source “GitHub” program, rather than a software with one developer, however it’s still very useful. The people who complain about it don’t really know exactly what they’re discussing. I’ve used it since 2012 and have never experienced an issue with it.

Kindle Previewer converts EPUB to a MOBI, and lets you see the way the MOBI appears on different Kindle devices. It Kindle Previwer also copies MOBI to your hard disk, which means it’s a simple method of converting EPUB into MOBI. For premade book cover check Digiart book cover.

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