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OCR Passport Scanner – How can it Effectively Replace the Manual Work?

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Some companies have a huge volume of paperwork to organize and extract data from on a daily basis. If staff members do the process manually, it can be time-consuming and less productive. Plus, there is a huge demand for big databases for securing information. For this purpose, companies are looking for ways to automate their processes. They want a solution that is fast and accurate. OCR process has the potential to fulfill the requirements of the business world. It is effective and highly productive. Therefore, it can drastically save the resources of the company by eliminating the cost of a data entry operator. 

Explain the OCR Document Scanner

OCR passport scanner is fully known as the Optical Character Recognition Technology. It transforms information in the images of documents into machine-friendly code for analyses and organization. It can capture information from passports, bills, ID records, and financial statements. Due to its ease and accuracy, it has become a widely used technology for digitizing the information in the text. The information goes into the large databases where the algorithm stores them in their respective categories. In simple terms, an Optical character recognition scanner helps in reading and extracting data from the given documents so that companies can derive useful insights from the data patterns. 

How does the AI-backed Optical Character Recognition Scanner Technology Work?


Initially, the OCR passport scanner technology did not have much automation. There was a constant need for supervision because the software needed updated templates and worked according to stringent rules. Even with all the supervision, there was a need for so much work and manual guidance that the process was becoming hectic. It meant that the technology worked well within organizations where workflow was repetitive and not a lot of change happened. It was a huge problem for the industries where business operations were flexible most of the time. If they wanted to use the technology, they had to do so much extra work and change the working in their department. It would be costly and time-consuming.

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Consequently, experts introduced the integration of artificial intelligence into OCR technology for effective and flexible functioning. To understand the working mechanism of the advanced technology, it is in the following.

The first stage of Pre-Processing

For the process to work effectively, the documents should be properly placed. There should not be any spots or distorted edges for precise information extraction. the re is a de-skew method that corrects the alignment of the pages by tilting the record for a few degrees. In addition to it, the process corrects the corners and removes any distracting spots. There is another technique of binarization that converts the image into machine-friendly language (binary). It is an important step for the OCR software to work efficiently. If the software does not perform these steps, the quality of the output can suffer negatively. 

The Second Stage of Character Recognition

Pattern/ character recognition works on a special algorithm that cross-checks the images on a deeper level (pixels). It analyzes the input and checks it accurately through a group of fonts and scales. The procedure works well with typed records because their fonts and styles are consistent throughout the documents. There can be one problem in pattern recognition if the documents have multiple languages in it. In such cases, the parameters to detect characters change (i.e. line intersections, cross-sections, and closed loops). Such features are cross-checked with other standard features which makes character recognition an effective process. A special algorithm (k-nearest) helps with tey nearest possible match. For instance, the letter “H” has three vertical lines and one horizontal line. 

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The Third Stage of Automatic Form Population

Form population is another name for the data entry procedure. The staff members take the data in the memory (from the first stage) and the second stage to the irrelevant fields in the authentication forms. It is a time-saving procedure for the users. In order to increase the accuracy level of the OCR process software, the output should go through a special analysis. Experts commonly call it near neighbor analysis. The technique uses co-occurrence frequencies to rectify the mistakes in the text recognition apps

Summing Up

In a nutshell, the OCR document scanner integrates easily with the current technology. Its latest features capture the information instantly from the records. It provides a positive experience to the customers by removing manual work which was a hectic job. The technology works well with printed as well as handwritten documents. It is a compatible solution for businesses these days. It means that companies can easily integrate it into their existing technological systems. 

The whole world is experiencing a digital revolution, which is making the Identity verification procedure popular. Every business should adopt the latest security protocols for effective fraud prevention. The OCR technology can even integrate with KYC and other technologies to provide a frictionless experience to the users (Optical Character recognition benefits). 

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