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Leased Lines

If you’re looking for a Leased Lines UK provider, there are several options to choose from. These include BT, Virgin Media, Zen, and CCS Leeds. Each of these companies offer different features and prices. To compare these options, you should visit their websites. Alternatively, you can contact a local reseller in your area.


If you want a leased line in the UK, you can buy it from BT’s own UK office, a wholesaler or a third-party. BT offers a range of leased line speeds and bearer sizes and flexible contract terms. In addition, BT’s UK Core Network Connection guarantees at least 99% uptime and offers high-speed connections for cloud applications.

BT’s fibre-based leased lines are fast, with speeds of 10Gbps. Additionally, BT’s leased lines have symmetric upload and download speeds, which is crucial for VoIP. BT also offers service level agreements and five-hour repair times.

Virgin Media

In the UK, there are several providers for leased lines, including BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk Business. Each of these providers offers a unique service that helps businesses stay connected. The key difference between these providers is the amount of upfront cost and the flexibility of their contracts. Virgin Media Business offers a flexible option that enables businesses to get a carrier-grade national network. It eliminates most upfront costs and excess construction charges, giving companies greater control over their cash flow.

Virgin Media offers three different broadband packages for businesses, with different speeds for upload and download. Each package comes with a Hitron WiFi router, and one or more static IP addresses. Each plan has different features and fault-resolution times, but all of them offer unlimited downloads and upload speeds. The Managed Internet Access package, for example, includes both download and upload speeds of up to five gigabits per second.


Zen Leased Lines UK is one of the UK’s oldest internet service providers. Its service is especially popular among small businesses, as it offers a wider data pipeline and more personalized service. However, there has been a recent outage in the UK, and there is no ETA for when it will be restored. According to a status notice on the company’s website, this outage affects both its leased line and DSL services. The outage is most widespread in Leeds and the rest of the UK, with many of the country’s major cities affected.

Zen provides a wide range of internet connectivity solutions, including Fibre Ethernet over FTTC. It also offers a 99.9% Service Level Agreement, dedicated 24-hour support, and a dedicated team of experts. The company’s network consists of more than 400 exchanges across the UK, and its service is designed to be highly reliable and scalable. The company has invested heavily in its network and is confident that it offers one of the best networks in Europe. The company’s team of technical support agents is available to answer customers’ queries and provide solutions within five minutes.

CCS Leeds

When it comes to high-quality, reliable internet lines, CCS Leeds is one of the leading providers in the UK. The company provides a wide range of products and services including leased lines, bonded ADSL, and SDSL. CCS Leeds leased lines allow businesses to take advantage of a variety of features, including scalable bandwidth and a wide variety of connection speeds.

The company’s leased lines allow businesses to stay connected to their customers, whether they’re using the Internet for business or personal use. These lines are perfect for businesses that need a reliable connection that is always on. They’re also secure for company data, and they provide the fastest speeds. In addition to providing the highest quality Internet connections, leased lines are also cost-effective.


CityFibre is one of the UK’s leading providers of wholesale fibre network infrastructure. It has network projects in over 50 cities and continues to expand. This company is a driving force behind the UK’s push towards Gigabit speeds – something that is especially important for larger organisations and the education sector.

A dedicated circuit is an ideal business solution and is highly secure. Most leased line providers offer 24/7 support, 100% service level agreements, and fast fault resolution times. They will also help to future-proof your business. Poor connectivity costs the UK economy PS30 billion a year – yet many businesses are still relying on outdated solutions.

Dedicated Fibre

Dedicated Fibre Leased Lines UK can be an excellent choice for a business in the UK. There are a few key differences between different providers, such as price, customer service, and speed. The UK’s largest leased lines provider, British Telecom, is the most obvious option, and sells its network to businesses at wholesale rates. However, you can get a dedicated fibre leased line without using BT’s network.

Dedicated Fibre Leased Lines UK are available from many providers, and come in a variety of packages. These lines have several benefits, including 100% uptime and service level agreements. You also get the benefit of a private circuit, so your internet signal won’t be shared with anyone else. Furthermore, leased lines are cost-effective and future-proof for any business, and most providers offer fast turnaround times and 24/7 technical support.

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