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Dealing With Negative Facebook Comments


Dealing With Negative Facebook Comments

As brand owners, the last instagram  thing we want in social media is negative feedback. Social media is relatively easy to get negative responses and negative comments.

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You’re opening yourself up to negative comments and responses because you interact with users on the internet. How do you respond to negative comments? There are many aspects to managing negativity on Facebook, and we’re going to discuss the negative aspects in this article.

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Do not block or remove comments.

One of the most costly mistakes you can commit as a business when you are on Facebook is to block the option for your users to post posts on your page or take away comments. This is due to Facebook offering a wealth of potential benefits for any business, surpassing any reason not to allow users to post or remove negative remarks. The most effective approach at the beginning is to tackle the issue of negative comments and concentrate on constructive strategies to deal with these (unless they are, of course, they’re racist or offensive or have a legal basis).

It is your responsibility to be engaged in a conversation, and the best brands are transparent and honest regardless of how large they may be.

Three steps to deal with negative remarks

  1. Recognize remarks

The first thing to do in response to negative comments is acknowledged them since people want a prompt response. Although you might not be able to solve the issue immediately, you should certainly acknowledge the existence of an issue. Just respond with an acknowledgment and a comment yourself. By giving a brief acknowledgment, you instantly establish a positive impression. This is a simple way to show you are genuinely concerned about how your customers feel about your service or product.

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Try this: ‘We have received your message, noting your concerns. We will contact you soon to discuss the problem.’

  1. Apologize when it is required

Then, you must apologize in the shortest time possible if an apology is required. However, it isn’t always required, but even small and insignificant remarks can be ignored if they’re not offensive. However, if someone is unhappy and dissatisfied with their treatment, you must ensure that you offer an apology.

People will notice that you’ve apologized and that you’re, and most importantly, you are not too detached and distant from the real world to apologize. Anyone who can apologize is a kind, positive business.


Use a genuine tone. Do not use a claim which has been made. Write a sincere, genuine apology and share it immediately. Consider any business that has a good reputation on Facebook, and you’ll find that they’re not large to apologize. Follow their example and be sure to apologize when necessary.

  1. Take care of the issue in person

Another option after you’ve admitted the problem and offered sorry if you need to is to work out a plan to address the issue offline. Continuing to debate the issue on Facebook is not a good option because people will notice that there’s an issue and will gain information about the customer service process, which they do not require to know.

Facebook lets pages respond to comments made by public users in private. They will also publish a public message to indicate that the page has replied to the user.

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Give the customer a contact number to contact your business or give them a call if they feel comfortable giving the number so that you can address the issue on Facebook. It lets the customer feel like they’re being treated like a person, and they can trust that you’ll take their feedback seriously.

Moving “offline” takes away the issue and doesn’t broadcast every detail on Facebook. Although you won’t find yourself in a situation where you are making fun of one another on Facebook, you’re confronting an issue. You don’t want the issue associated with your business for longer than necessary.

To sum it up. Accept the apology apologies, and then take action offline.

Banning commenters: for the people who hate

It should not be taken as a plan of action unless there’s been real hate of the most extreme kind. This includes racial slurs and offensive content designed to hurt or irritate. For an organization, you will not encounter this kind of nonsense regularly; however, if you encounter it genuinely harmful and offensive, have it removed.

It’s not a good idea to have offensive content on your feed, as does your user base. Eliminate anything offensive or offensive, and that’s your main point. Switch off”profanity filters” or “profanity filter” in your Facebook page’s settings. Include words you’d like to be able to block from posts and comments.

It is also possible to take the chance to remove the individual from your account and also report the person to Facebook and remove them from the image. This is acceptable and is an indication that the brand is looking at its content and pondering its fan base.

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Ban Commenter

Imagine it from the perspective of a customer for a moment. They visit your feed only to see many snarky or insulting comments about race, gender, or similar issues. It’s not the best image of your company. In addition to the negative things, you must be active even when there is a lot of criticism across Facebook. In essence, the more you engage and attempt to sort out issues and resolve issues, the more you’re doing good old-fashioned customer care, which results in an improved experience for all your customers.

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Do you want to know more about the performance of your Facebook customer service that could provide you with information you’re required to improve? Consider Clockwise for a no-cost 7-day trial. It will ensure that you’ve got the right amount of Facebook information that will help your business stay ahead of the game constantly.

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