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How to attach a child bicycle seat?


Make sure that the children’s bike seat fits on your bike. Often it is not possible to mount it on a Dutch bike. Many children’s bicycle seats come with special plug-in systems for fastening. Here, emove scooters the holder is firmly attached to the bike, so that the child seat can be easily put on or removed. Is a mounting on the handlebar at the front, i.e. directly on the handlebar.

It is best to always follow the instructions and use only the specified tool. The pipe diameter must match the holders of the child seat. Normally, a child seat is attached to the seat tube, i.e. the sturdy rod between pedals and saddle – luggage rack and Seatpost usually do not withstand much load. Two metal rods ensure that the child seat does not rotate.

Hint: If your child sits close behind you, you should cover the suspension of the saddle with clamp protection on some wheels. So your child can not pinch his fingers.

How old does the child have to be for a children’s bicycle seat?

The Highway Code does not stipulate a minimum age for children in a bicycle seat. In order to protect the back and head from fluctuations, your child should already be able to sit safely. Usually, this is the case from the age of nine months. Before that, you should put your child in a baby seat in a bicycle trailer.

Many manufacturers give a minimum weight of nine kilograms as a recommendation for their seats. In high-quality children’s bicycle seats, your child can be transported up to the age of seven, depending on their height.

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A child should never be transported on a bike in a sling or a back carrier.

Is there a children’s bicycle seat test from Stiftung Warentest?

In February 2018, Stiftung Warentest tested 17 children’s bicycle seats, five of which were front and twelve rear seats. The price range ranges from 30 to 150 euros. Nine were rated good, out of four defective children’s bicycle seats, two models came from brand manufacturers.

Can the WeeRide Safe front Classic children’s bicycle seat also be mounted without the headrest?

No, the headrest on the WeeRide children’s bicycle seat is permanently installed. Above all, it serves to protect the child.

Does the Hamax Kiss children’s bicycle seat also fit on e-bikes?

It depends on where the battery is installed on the e-bike. stakebards tricks for beginners if the battery is mounted under the saddle or on the luggage rack, the Hamax Kiss children’s bike seat probably cannot be attached.

For which body weight is the Polisport Bilby Maxi CFS children’s bike seat suitable?

This children’s bicycle seat from Polisport is well suited for children weighing between 9 and 22 kilograms. The seat is growing with you. Both the footrests and the belt can be adjusted.

Where is the Campela CA0060 children’s bicycle seat attached?

This children’s bicycle seat from Campela can be attached either to the bicycle frame or to the luggage rack. For assembly, the frame diameter must be 28 to 34 mm.

Up to what weight is the RideAlong seat resilient?

The adjustable bicycle child seat from Thule can be used up to a maximum weight of 22 kilograms.

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What are the diameters of bicycle frames so that the child seat can be attached?

The fischer bicycle child seat is suitable for oval and round frames with a diameter of 28 mm to 40 mm.

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