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How To Keep Your Braided Wigs Looking Fresh?

Braided Wigs

Braided wigs are easy to maintain, but if you want your wig to stay fresh and new, you’ll need to spend a few minutes each week on the following steps to keep your style looking great.

Choosing The Right Wig:

There are many types of wigs on the market, but braided wigs offer a natural look that’s still fun and youthful. They’re also relatively low maintenance and easy to maintain as long as you give them the proper care. Here are some steps to follow if you want your braids to look their best: 

-Brush out all tangles with a natural bristle brush or comb with the teeth rounded. Do not use a pick or comb with sharp teeth, which can easily pull and snag at the hair extensions in your wig. 

-Rinse the hair extensions in cold water if they’ve been heavily worn during a day in inclement weather, high-temperature conditions, or while sweating heavily due to strenuous physical activity.

Deep Condition Regularly:

Rinse hair with cool water and shampoo and condition with braiding/detangling product. Rinse thoroughly until the suds are gone. Gently pat dry hair with the towel, comb it out and finger dry (adding extra braiding products as needed). Separate the wig into smaller parts to achieve a fuller look. A braid wig is often associated with big hairstyles.

Start With A Solid Foundation:

The key to maintaining a healthy braid wig is regular and proper care. With that in mind, it is best not to touch your hair and scalp for the first two weeks after installation. Avoid wearing a hat or any other head covering during this time. This will help prevent hair loss caused by breaking off the braids too soon.

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Stop Damage Before It Starts:

One of the most common mistakes people make with their braided wigs is not looking after them. When taking care of a braided wig, we want you to stop Damage before it starts! When you receive your new braid wig, the first thing you should do is cut off the lace. While some may find that trimming their lace makes for easier styling and packing, trimming or cutting this piece out can lead to damaged hair and shedding around where they sewed in the lace. In addition, by cutting off the lace, should trim back any loops created by Flexi rods so they’re not irritating your scalp. 

Hydrate Regularly:

If you’re looking for an easy way to maintain your braided wig, keep it hydrated! Sprinkle a bit of wate onto the ends of your hair and leave it for about ten minutes. Now, let’s discuss why this is so important. After a while, braids can become very tangled, which can lead to shedding. When your braids are wet, it becomes much easier to untangle any knots that may have formed while keeping your hair looking fresh and natural.

Get Comfortable in It:

Many people mistakenly believe that these wigs are just for African American women. Braids have been popular for decades among various races, gender and ages. So no matter what hair type, a braid wig can be a simple and practical option. A few things you should know before purchasing one, though: how do you keep it looking fresh?

Avoid Heat:

Avoid all heat styling with your braided wig. Heat will dry out the hair and cause it to break, leading to matting and a frizzy appearance. It’s best to use cold water and organic leave-in conditioner for washing, no matter what type of braiding your natural hair has. For oils and scalp treatments, always apply these at the roots near your scalp and avoid using them on the length of the braid, which may cause product build-up at the root area. For high maintenance or tangle-prone hair, weekly or bi-weekly conditioning is recommended, and deep conditioning treatments 2-3 times per month on non-wash days. 

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Use Quality Products:

One of the best ways to maintain your braided wig is by using quality products. One should consider what type of hair they are wearing, whether it is synthetic or human hair. You can use all kinds of products, from shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioners, moisturizers and curl enhancers. Use the product you believe will give you the best style and body type results.

Maintain Regularly:

To maintain your braided wig, you will need: – A wig brush or comb – A wig cap and stand – a Lint roller or lint remover. To prepare the wig, shake out the hair, so it’s free of tangles. Next, divide the hair into two sections. Braid one section from ear to ear and wrap it with a hair elastic. Comb the remaining section and put on a lint roller or remover for any unwanted fuzzies. Finally, tie off the braid with an elastic. Now place both braids in a ponytail on top of your head for about 10 minutes before securing them under a wig cap and stand with hair clips. Once attached, spray your braid with hairspray to lock it in place!

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