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How to Help Someone Facing Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence

No person deserves to go through domestic violence, irrespective of gender. Men and women both become victims of domestic abuse, and unfortunately, many victims remain silent about the abuse. This is because they may be scared to talk about it thinking about what will come next or due to the feeling of helplessness. 

Irrespective of the circumstances, domestic violence against any person is a serious crime that must be reported to law enforcement. You can also speak to attorney Nicholas Preovolos who can protect you by ensuring your rights are preserved. 

If you suspect someone is a victim of domestic violence, make sure to protect them. 

Report to the police right away. 

If you witness someone being a victim of domestic abuse, ensure to report it to the police. You can call the emergency helpline numbers and report the abuse right away. Law enforcement will take matters into their hands and protect the victim from the abuser. Furthermore, the abuser may be charged with the offense if proven guilty. 

Shelters homes. 

Sometimes keeping the victims in your house safe from their abuser may not be possible due to various reasons. However, the options do not end here. Many NGOs, government organizations, and private organizations run shelters to help domestic violence victims. Connect with them over a call and inform them about the victim. Most organizations send their staff to bring the victim safely to their shelter home. 

Do not force them to talk about their abuse. 

Domestic abuse is more than just a physical impact. It also leaves significant mental trauma to the victims. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that if the victim is not comfortable talking about the abuse or refuses to express themselves in front of you, never force them. This can make them uncomfortable and put mental pressure on them. All you can do is remain by their side and remind them that you will be there to listen to them whenever they feel comfortable sharing their feelings with you. 

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Contact an attorney. 

An attorney can help in getting a restraining order against the abuser, which eventually helps the victim to ensure they are safe. Since the victim may not be in the right state to contact the attorney themselves, you can find a good attorney and speak to them on the victim’s behalf. An attorney can look into the matter and see how they can help the victim to protect their rights. 

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