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How to Give Baby a Bath

How to Give Baby a Bath

Before you start giving baby bath, Know how to give a baby bath you should first check the umbilical cord stump. Don’t use bubble baths or soaps, as these could harm the umbilical cord stump. Then, fill the bathtub with water. Place one arm under the baby’s bottom and head, while keeping a hand on them at all times. If you’re unsure of how to give your baby a bath, read this article for helpful tips!

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Avoid tub baths for baby’s umbilical cord stump

You should avoid giving your baby a tub bath right after birth, because the umbilical cord stump will still be attached to your baby for about one to two weeks. You should not manipulate the stump, which can introduce unwanted germs and cause secondary infections. Instead, use a cotton swab to gently wipe it dry with the other side. Once it has fallen off, it is safe to give your baby a sponge bath.

During the first few weeks after birth, the area around the cord stump may ooze a brownish or clear substance. You may notice a stain on your baby’s clothes, or your baby may experience a foul odor. During this period, you should avoid touching or swabbing the stump with rubbing alcohol. A baby’s umbilical cord stump may also be red and warm.

Avoid soap, shampoos and bubble baths

Babies’ skin is extremely sensitive. The vernix caseosa that coats their bodies in utero provides the necessary moisture and protection for the first few weeks after birth. Soaps and bubble baths can irritate the skin, so use gentle soap on the baby’s skin. A doctor may prescribe a soap for your baby if they have a specific condition.

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To give your baby a bath, use a soft washcloth for face, neck and body. The bottom and genitals should be cleaned last. Avoid using soap or shampoo, as they can irritate the skin and cause nappy rash. Instead, use a mild non-soap cleanser. This way, your baby won’t develop any irritation or rash.

If you don’t want your child to be bothered by the smell of soap or shampoo, use unperfumed baby shampoo or body wash. Make sure to clean the skin folds too. Avoid bubble baths and soaps, as they contain bacteria that can irritate your child’s sensitive skin. This may make the bath time a little more unpleasant for you, but it will help your baby sleep better.

Massage raises baby’s body temperature

A new study has found that massage therapy can increase a baby’s body temperature. The researchers looked at 72 preterm infants in an incubator and randomly assigned them to either a control group or a massage-therapy group. The massage group showed a greater increase in body temperature during the 15-minute session, while the control group’s portholes remained closed throughout the same time period. In addition, the massages raised the baby’s body temperature and improved the infant’s condition by a significant amount.

The study’s findings were based on an observational study that compared a massage therapy group with a standard care group. Infants in both groups were assessed midmorning, one hour after a feeding. The infants were undressed for two minutes before their temperatures were recorded. During the 45-minute observation period, the infants in the massage group showed a significantly higher increase in body temperature than those in the control group.

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Wash baby’s face

The best way to wash a baby’s face after bathtime is with a soft cloth, not soap. You can use a baby washcloth or terry cloth, but make sure to avoid touching the baby’s eyes. When washing your baby’s face, try to wipe it one side at a time. Avoid using soap or harsh shampoos. You can use a non-oily moisturizer or baby lotion, but don’t rub it on the face!

If you’re concerned about your baby’s skin, it’s best to use a gentle soap formulated for babies. Avoid using baby wipes, as they can dry out the skin and cause acne. Instead, use a cotton wool or clean washcloth. Make sure to check the temperature of the water, as soap may contain harsh chemicals or irritants. If your baby’s skin is very dry, don’t use powder. Lotions are too harsh and don’t provide adequate protection. Instead, consult a paediatrician to choose a gentler soap.



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