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How to Get Rid of Your constipation with Home remedies?

healthy diet plan for constipation

In case you are constipated, it means the movements of your bowel are somewhat tough or happen less frequently than usual. It is not incorrect to say that nearly everybody undergoes it sooner or later. Though generally it is not grave, one shall feel much better when his body is somewhat back on path.

You know the general length of time between bowel movements varies widely from individual to individual. Some fellows experience them two times a day while other feels them simply once or twice a week. Getting longer than three or more days in the absence of one is generally too long. After three days, faeces or stool becomes harder and quite difficult to pass.  Of course, you can speak with a dietician and check out a good healthy diet plan for constipation

Some reasons of constipation are:

  • Changes in your general diet or activities
  • Maddening bowel syndrome 
  • Antacid medicines having calcium or aluminium
  • Eating disorders 
  • Taking up a lot of dairy items 
  • Colon cancer 
  • Neurological situations such as Parkinson’s ailment or diverse sclerosis 
  • Not staying so active
  • Not adequate water or fibre in the diet 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Problems with the muscles and nerves in digestive system 
  • Overdoing of laxatives
  • Fighting the requirement to have a bowel movement. This thing different people do because of haemorrhoids 
  • A couple of medications primarily strong pain drugs such as antidepressants, narcotics or iron pills
  • Massive stress.

 What are the signs?

  • A feeling that everything failed to come out
  • You could feel a few bowel movements
  • Having a swollen belly or that of belly pain 
  • Challenges having a bowel movement for example straining to go 
  • Experiencing small or Hard stools
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You should try out a good constipation relief diet plan and you would feel much better. Anyhow, for now, you can try Home Remedies like:

Use Oil 

Pure olive oil is a lot more than a tasty and healthy fat it may also prove helpful in relieving constipation. It rouses the digestive system that helps in getting things moving via the colon. Once you consume it daily, it shall prevent constipation. 

  • During mornings, do consume a tablespoon of olive oil. It is going to work best on an empty stomach. If you skip, wait till you haven’t eaten for a long. 
  • You can also blend it with a little quantity of lemon juice in case you really want to lighten the flavour. 

Lemmon usage 

The citric acid that is there in lemon juice works as a stimulating force for your digestive system. It may also prove helpful in flushing out undigested material as well as toxins which might have formed up along the walls of colon. Mixing up the juice with water not simply lessens intensity of the lemon flavour, but it even aids in getting you the fluids you need to get everything moving properly again.


So, you can check out daily diet plan for constipation and ensure that you do not face this issue again. 

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