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How To Arrange A Decorative Blanket On A Sofa

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Decorative blankets can give a special touch to your room and can be a source of warmth on cold nights. Choose one that is proportional to the sofa. If you have a long sectional, the blanket will need to be large. On the contrary, if you want to put it on a two-section armchair or an arm chair, it is better to choose one that is small. Properly arranging it will help keep the sofa tidy, and you have several options based on your personal style and preferences.

Fold the blanket in thirds if you value structure. A triple-folded blanket can stay snugly in place no matter how many people sit on the couch. Hold it in front of you lengthwise and fold it bringing the ends to the middle.

  • You can then lay it out as is or fold it in half to prevent one end from dragging on the floor. You can place it on the cushions, the arms or the backrest, which will depend on your style of decoration.

Fold the blanket in half for a crinkled look. Some blankets (especially braided ones) look better with “a little neat mess.” Fold it in half directly over the arms, back, or sofa cushions. You could even throw it on her for a nice but natural look.

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