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How Can You Pass Your Visa Interview?


A visa interview can be crucial for each applicant. Awareness of the tips and factors about clearing the visa interview is essential. You should know how to pass the discussion irrespective of whether your application is for an immigrant visa or a green card in the U.S. It may sound repetitive, but you should always be on time for your appointments or interview meetings with the embassy or USCIS.

You can also contact an eb-1 visa lawyer to get assistance regarding your visa interview. Before the interview, you must mail all your documents and fill out all the necessary online forms related to your visa paperwork. Otherwise, your application will be rejected, and you will not get a chance to apply for a visa.

Without any further ado, let us learn some valuable tips on how you can pass your visa interview:

  1. Language

The interview will be conducted in the English language. Some applicants may be mistaken about the interview being taught in their native language. The visa applicant must practice English by conversating with a native English speaker before the interview.

The applicant can also watch videos about a visa interview and learn from such instances. Hesitating or pausing while speaking during the interview will decrease the applicant’s chances of being granted the visa. English is natively spoken in the U.S. Hence; each applicant should have a good grip on English for effective communication.

2. Concise

The U.S. receives thousands of applications each year. As a result, the embassy or the consular offices cannot spend hours with a single applicant for their interview. Generally, visa interviews are quick and straightforward. During the short span of discussions, the officers decide based on the applicant’s impression of them.

The applicant must be concise when they answer a question. The applicant must provide a brief initial impression since the officers decide the interview’s outcome within two or three minutes of the discussion.

3. Attitude

It is necessary to maintain a positive and relaxed attitude during the interview. Many applicants get scared and confused about the discussion, which leads the interview not to go well. The applicant must not argue with the consular officer during the interview while being confused.

Many applicants start arguing with the officer if they sense a rejection of their application. However, the applicant should politely ask the officer why they are rejecting the application and which additional documents will be required in a written manner if possible.

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