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Gangnam Shirt Room Rate Information


Gangnam Shirt Room Sarah (formerly Again) is one of the few T-shirt rooms open 24 hours a day in Gangnam with multiple discounts. Gown rooms may be used much less frequently than their main working hours at 5 pm. Early morning drinks until 8 pm.

These are miles away, so you may have a good chance to meet that extra fashion ista you want. You can also use the blouse room at a slightly lower price than the basic session, or you can use the Gangnam blouse room, which has excellent cost performance.

Gangnam Shirt Room Part 1 Working Hours Price

  • 20:00. 1 am
  • Per person: 300,000 wins-Body 160,000 wins + T / C 110,000 wins + T room 30,000 wins
  • For 2 people: 410,000 prizes-main part 160,000 prizes + T / C 220,000 prizes + T room 30,000 prizes
  • For 3 people: 520,000 won-160,000 won for the main unit + 30,000 won for T / C + 30,000 won for the T room
  • Based on 4 people: 630,000 wins-body 160,000 wins + T / C 440,000 wins + T room 30,000 wins

Gangnam Shirt Room Part 2 Business Hours Fee

  • 01: 00-16: 00
  • Per person: 270,000 wins-main prizes 130,000 wins + T / C 110,000 wins + T-room 30,000 wins
  • For 2 people: 380,000 revenue-main portion 130,000 revenue + T / C 220,000 revenue + T-room 30,000 revenue
  • For 3 people: Revenue of 490,000-Revenue of 130,000 in the main building + Revenue of T / C 330,000 + Revenue of T-room 30,000
  • For 4 people: 600,000 won-130,000 won for the main unit + 440,000 won for T / C + 30,000 won for the T room

Request a reservation for a room wearing a Gangnam T-shirt

For customers who do not have same-day reservations or have problems ordering on their smartphones, we accept online inquiries and reservations from 강남 셔츠룸 Saras (formerly re). If you’re planning a party or meeting, web sessions and booking requests are easy to use.

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Greetings from Gangnam Shirt Room

When a clerk in uniform starts wearing tops, it is a tool that makes consumption more exciting by using the function to transform into a thin blouse with no bra. The wonderful staff of Gangnam Shirt Room includes more than 150 employees who admire their paintings every day and believe that they are unique to their customers.

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