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Construction worker sanding a wood floor inside home.

Our floors are subject to constant wear and tear and it may be necessary to maintain or renew them from time to time. If you are one of the lucky ones who have a wooden floor, then it is rarely necessary to replace the floor, unless there is rot in the wood. You can use a floor sanding, which makes your wooden floor like new again

A floor sanding can in many cases give the floor a whole new life. Floors made of soft wood are especially prone to damage and wear. These can be floors made of pine, for example. A pine floor is exposed to marks from, for example, high heels and heavy furniture. It could also be that it is a lacquered floor where the lacquer has been worn. When the paint is worn, water penetrates under the paint every time the floor is washed. The water discolors the wood and can leave black stains on the wooden floor.

The difference between a floor sanding and a floor planing

What is the difference between a Gulvafslibning and a floor planing and when to use one or the other? A floor sanding and a floor planing both remove the top layer of wood on your floor. Floor planing using sharp metal blades and floor sanding using different grains of sandpaper. The floor planing is no longer used to the same degree as in the past, as you can usually achieve the same result with a floor sanding, which is gentler on the floor.

A floor planing is now only used in the case of severely damaged floors with very deep scratches, or in the case of floors that are uneven and where the floorboards have become crooked. Here it is an advantage to use the razor-sharp blades of the floor planer to plan the floor flat rather than trying to grind you to the same result.

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Whether you choose a floor sanding or a floor planing, the floor must be sanded with a fine sanding before you can give it the desired finish.

Do it yourself or let others do it for you.

If you have decided that you want your floors sanded, then the next decision you have to make is whether it is a project that you want to start yourself or whether it is something you want to leave to the professionals. . Maybe it’s a decision that does not take you more than a split second to make, but if you are in doubt, it is a task you can handle yourself, so read on here and get a better picture of the scope of the task.

It can be difficult to get a good result if you have never tried sanding a floor before. And unfortunately, you can also easily cause major damage to the floor if you do not know what you are doing. Damages that may be difficult or impossible to repair. Many of these pitfalls we address in the typical do-it-yourself section that you would like to avoid.

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