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festival foods ad Organisation in 2023

festival foods ad
festival foods ad basically is any substance that when ingested will supply nutrients, carbohydrates ,fats and minerals that are necessary for health and that nourish the body.Food processing involves any operation or operation that will alter the value of food.This may range from simple washing to delicate and complicated processes of food preservation and developing new products.

festival foods ad Then they the enhance the shelf-life of food,consumer convenience and preservation of nutrients.A body of coherent or systematic knowledge that deals with understanding the nature and composition of food material and their behavior under various conditions to which they may be subjected.

The study involves knowledge about the nature of food

it composition ,behavior when subjected to different condition of preservation ,storage.Food is one of the basic necessity of mankind and all living organisms.In these early days  of human history man was a hunter .Food security is a situation when all people at all time ,have physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food ,and to meet their dietary needs and food preference for an active and healthy life .The basic three dimensions are as:

  • Adequacy of food( effective supply)
  • Ample access to food ( the ability of the individual to acquire sufficient food or effective demand ).
  • Reliability of both supply and access (equity of the food distribution )

Good nutritious depends on proper access to food career and health sanitation services .Improvement in nutritional status is now being used to judge the success of wide range of development strategies .Million of people in developing countries after a lack of calories ,proteins ,micronutrients ( vitamins and minerals ) and from illness and impaired physical and mental developments .In the developed world.

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People have easy access to healthcare ,fortified foods and vitamins supplements .In these countries a worthwhile approach is to process the foods that people already eat and make them more nutritious.So the food are necessary for the people for their survival.Now in the world or all over the countries ,the world food day are ce;ebrated every year .In this day should be given the awareness how to safe the food from any external hazards that spoil the food.In many schools,colleges and in universities

festival foods ad

should be organized to help the students to know the importance of the food.Food festival basically contains many types of food that make the event colorful and fascinating for the people,because they enjoy and taste these foods.

The basic quality of a foodstuff meant for human consumption is that in addition to its appearance ,it should have a good taste.All foods have a natural taste of their own However several additives are employed to improve the taste of food and sugar ,salt ,spices and acidulants are common substances that bring the desirable taste.Some synthetic low caloric sweeteners such as sorbitol and cyclamates are likewise are used to impart sweet taste to the.

products particularly for the diabetic and obese individuals.traditionally fermented foods are an important part if the diet all over the world .In the less developed and technically backward countries of Asia and Latin America ,fermentation is an important techniques to extend the shelf life of food raw materials.In the technologically advanced countries of Europe and North America,it is used more for the flavor and variety that is added to the diet .The present day fermentation industries (baking ,brewing,wine making ,vinegar manufacture )which employee pure culture grew out of the home -scale traditional fermentation processes that relied primarily on the activities of mixed microflora.

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However modern fermentation plants still utilize festival foods ad

mixed or conjoint microbial cultures to produce fermented foods ( yogurt cheese .Sauerkraut. Pickles). Although proper heat processing of canned food ensures safety against spoilage. Yet some chemical reactions in some cases microbial attack can still occur in the product if it is stirred at high temperatures. The rapidly growing world population requires new agricultural technologies to boost food production.Only with a higher situation.

yields can more people be fed without harming the environment. The farmers need to use the most appropriate. Means possible to effectively manage natural resources and feed the world growing population. Agricultural biotechnology is just one of the essential tools to achieve the goal.This tool can be brought fully to bear on the developing more productive and nutritious crops.Autolysis in food may be prevented or delayed by the destruction or inactivation of enzymes and by the treatment and handling of food in such a manner so as to inhibit the reactivity of chemically active molecules.

In food processing many operations demand prior size reduction of the raw materials.Sometimes gasses need to be mixed with liquids .In carbonated beverages carbon dioxide is mixed under pressure with a homogenous solution of sugars and other ingredients in water .In production of food materials many raw materials should be spoiled but food authorities are help to safe the food.

Beneficial Effects Of Food 

Food has many beneficial effects on human health.The body should be nutritious. Safe and healthy. Those people who take food at the perfect time then they have many nutritions benefits. Food is very necessary for their health.The people have digestive system should be perfect .They can digest it easily because. Their body have more active and they digest it .Food are necessary for the health.

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Basically our body have many systems that help to ingest the food. The food should be subjected for health. Enzymes are part and parcel. Of fresh foods. Microorganisms are invaders and where undesirable they should be treated like any other invaders .Firstly precautions may be. Taken to prevent their entry into the food. But where they have already gained access these may be thrown out. When such strategy is not. Feasible the microbial activities may be controlled by creating conditions that do not favor their normal .


This article concludes that food is very necessary for survival in the world.So. People should live when they eat nutritious food and make the body nourish. If the agricultural sources are lacking in the country. Then the people face hunger .So it is necessary to make the agricultural sources required. 

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