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Determining Responsibility For Austin Sexual Harassment In Workplace

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Every employee deserves a healthy workplace to enhance their productivity and grow with the organisation’s growth. But several workplace perils tend to restrict a person’s growth, demotivate them and even force them to leave their job. Sexual harassment is one of them, which involves gestures such as passing obscene remarks, sexual touching or any other sexual advances. If one has been the victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, one must know whom to approach, who can be held liable and what to do next. Such confusion can be easily cleared by consulting a sexual harassment lawyer Austin, who will offer valuable legal advice and assist in securing justice.

Who Can Be Held Liable For Sexual Harassment In the Workplace?

It is the responsibility of the employer to secure a safe environment for the employees. However, the common perpetrators involved in workplace sexual harassment can be the employer or the boss, or a coworker. If the abuser is the boss, then the concept of strict liability will be applied to the case, and the entire liability will go to the employer for being ineffective in maintaining a safe workplace. 

The harasser is a coworker, one must immediately report the case to the higher authority. If the employer doesn’t pay any heed or undertake any legal step against the coworker, then the employer can also be held responsible along with the abuser, as they failed to take any necessary action and provide a safe and secure workplace.

What Are The Necessary Steps Should Employers Take To Prevent Sexual Harassment Cases In The Workplace?

As the employer is significantly responsible for providing a safe workplace for the employees, several necessary steps must be undertaken to ensure that everyone feels safe to work. These steps are as follows:

  • Developing a detailed policy for sexual harassment with a clear definition of what will be considered sexual.
  • Ensure awareness of all the employees regarding sexual harassment
  • Setting up special committees in the organisation that women can resort to in case they face any harassment
  • Provide proper training to all the staff that will help in educating everyone about how to ensure mutual respect
  • Encourage one to be vocal if they have been sexually harassed in the workplace
  • Submitting a yearly report to the government
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Final Thoughts:

If one finds that they have been a victim of sexual in the workplace, then an attorney should always be consulted in the first place to know the various legal options that one can pursue. Hiring an experienced attorney would be beneficial.


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