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Conclusions about Pass / Fault bets in roulette


When we analyze a betting option for our players, we always like to count the characteristics of it, its pros and, of course, also its cons.

As we have seen, the differences between Pass and Miss in roulette are only in the group of numbers on which to place the bets. In both cases, its simplicity is enormous since the only decision that must be made is whether to bet on the numbers that go from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36.

With this type of bet, users have an interesting 50% chance of ending up making a profit, which is positive. In addition, nothing prevents the player from using these types of bets in the modalities that he prefers.

One of the great advantages of pass/

Fault betting is that it is very well suited to players who are not very experienced yet. With the passage of time, they will be able to continue using them, but it is true that it is more likely that new, more powerful forms will be sought. Be that as it may, these simple bets are ideal for gaining experience and are a perfect test bed for what comes next.

Despite the advantages of Pass / Fault bets in roulette, do not forget the risks you run and that, as with any other, you can end up losing because no method or strategy is infallible in any way.

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What is making a foul bet?

It is a form of simple bets in online roulette that consists of betting on any number between 1 and 18. For the bet made to be considered a winner, it will be 꽁머니 if the ball stops at any of the numbers between those two, for so the chances of making a profit with the bet are 50%.

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What is placing a pass bet?

We are also facing a simple bet modality in online roulette, but, in this case, the bet is made that the ball will stop at one of the numbers between 19 and 36. In the same way that it happened in bet at fault, the chances of making a profit with this bet are 50%.


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