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Comparing a Hatchback and a Station Wagon Made Easy


Many people get easily confused between the different styles of car. They think it doesn’t matter which type of car is which, as they all look somewhat the same to them. When you look closely, there are different styles of cars, and they serve different purposes.

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There are several types of automobiles such as hatchback, station wagon, sports utility vehicle (SUV), crossover, coupe, sports cars, sedan, convertible, and multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

The look of each car is different, and while some look similar to others, they are completely different. For example, people get easily confused between a hatchback and a station wagon. The layout of both these cars is different, and this will be our topic of discussion for today.

This article will uncover the basic differences between the two, and with these bifurcations, you will understand which model you would prefer.

The prominent distinction between a hatchback and a station wagon

A hatchback is a two-box design style with four doors and a rear hatch. The body is shorter than other styles of automobiles as it only has four windows. It can easily accommodate five passengers and has sufficient storage space in the trunk.

The rear has a split-folding seat that can add more boot space. The car is easy to handle and is very fuel-efficient. Buyers can choose from a wide range of engine choices, and the hatchback has three pillars.

A wagon is a tow-box design with the engine, passenger cabin, and cargo area, all mashed into a single space. The wagon has four doors and a hatch door. The car is comparatively longer than hatchbacks and has three sets of windows.

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The wagon has four pillars, and the boot space is also huge because of the added length of the car. The trunk has a lower load height, making placing and removing the luggage from the wagon easier than others.

The number of windows and pillars

A hatchback has two pairs of windows, one at the front and the other at the end. A wagon has three pairs of windows. The third pair is behind the rear seat of the passengers.

A hatchback has three pillars; A pillar, B pillar, and C pillar. The A-pillar is the one that has the windshield, i.e., A-pillar is on the front. The B pillar is the middle pillar of the car that bifurcates the front and the rear doors. The C pillar is at the back of the rear passenger compartment.

The wagon also has the A, B, and C pillar like the hatchback, but what separates the hatchback from a station wagon is an additional D pillar at the end. The D pillar covers the rear part that starts from the sunroof and goes all the way to the end of the car.

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How to buy a hatchback?

If you’re planning to buy a hatchback, professionals recommend buying used hatchback cars for sale, specifically from Japan. Its because they are cost-efficient, and the cars remain in good condition for a long time. However, before buying, there are several things that you should be on the lookout for, and they are listed below.

1- It should have a good safety review

No matter which car you buy, there is always a risk of getting into accidents, and hence you must always buy a car with good safety reviews. The highest rating car will ensure you and your passengers are safe during an accident.

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2- It should be within your budget and be practical

Budget is very important when it comes to buying a good car. Remember that you will have to pay the loan amount, import duties, and annual insurance cover once you import a car.

Look at the boost space of different cars, their legroom, and what size of car you want. Once these factors are determined, you can select from various options.

How to buy a wagon?

Several factors help you decide which wagon you want to buy, and they are listed below.

1- Drive wheels

Most wagons use front-wheel drive, which gives the driver better traction than rear-wheel-drive cars. However, some luxurious wagons use rear-wheel drive because it gives good handling. So, decide which drive you want before buying.

2- Cargo

Since the wagons have a squared-off hatch shape, it maximizes the cargo space. The lower height of the trunk makes it easier for the owners to add and remove the items from the trunk.

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This was an in-depth difference between a hatchback and a station wagon. If you want to buy a Japanese used wagon for sale at affordable rates, you must check out the wide range of luxurious and normal station wagons from Bizupon.

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