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Coaching Process, How Does It Work?

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How a coaching service works depends a lot on the coach’s working method. But overall, we always find this common thread.

The exploratory session

The so-called exploratory or exploratory session is the first step in supporting change. It makes it possible to establish a link between the coach and the person being coached in order to lay the foundations for a relationship of mutual trust.

The client then defines and formalizes his objectives by answering the question “What results do you want to achieve at the end of the work?” “. For his part, the coach assesses the procedures to be followed to achieve them (type of coaching, number of hours of coaching, frequency, location, budget, etc.).

Next coaching sessions

  • A session usually takes place in four stages, according to the GROW method.
  • G for “Goal”: each session begins with an assessment of the previous one with an analysis of the evolution of the situation. This is also the time to take stock of the objectives, the “goals” of the day’s session.
  • R for “Reality”: the session continues with the opening to new perspectives. The coach then asks questions in order to help the person being coached to see their situation more clearly. Of course, this interview is based on exchange and interaction.
  • O for “Options”: as the session progresses, the coach advises the client. He then suggests exercises or avenues for reflection to explore using coaching tools. They also discuss the strategies to put in place and the options to integrate afterwards.
  • W for “Will”: at the end of the session, the two people take stock of what has been done. An action plan and a timetable for implementation are also established. The coach finally motivates his student so that they continue their efforts until the next session.
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Skills assessment session

The coaching for small business is coming to an end and it is high time to take stock. The coach evaluates the evolution of his client from the first to the last day of support. The opportunity to take stock of the results and the achievement of the objectives set during the exploratory session.

Coaching is not…

Be careful to understand what it is about! Coaching is not:

  • Mentoring! During mentoring, the mentor transmits his knowledge and know-how to a student (vertical relationship). The goal? Help the latter to progress in an area. During coaching, the coach accompanies his client (horizontal relationship) to help him find his own answers. They move forward together through exchanges and discussions. In other words, the certified coach is a facilitator, a guide, while the mentor is a thought leader.
  • Consulting! A consultant is called in to give his opinion on a given situation. In other words, it provides judgment and preconceived solutions. The coach is non-judgmental and has no prejudice against you. Moreover, he does not impose his solutions, but helps you to find them by yourself.
  • Certified training! The trainer allows training through a learning process established from a training program common to all students. Conversely, the coach offers tailor-made support whose coaching program depends on each person’s objectives.

As you will have understood, coaching is targeted and personalized support to help you achieve your goals. Individual or collective coaching, remotely or face-to-face, you will necessarily find the formula and the certified coach that suits you. And to help you in this choice, Smallbusinesscoach has built the best community of certified, supervised and experienced professional coaches at the service of your transformation.

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