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Cheap Press on Nails of Xianxing Beauty

best press on nails
best press on nails
CHEAP PRESS ON NAILS WITH GREAT QUALITY Low quality press on nails will look beautiful on the fingers until the moment they need to be removed, then the effects of scratched and brittle nails will appear. This happens because cheap high quality press on nails available in the market are made of low quality materials that are harmful for your natural nails. Is this the case, will you have to pay much more for wanting a beautiful nail appearance? Not necessarily! Now, with the existence of XianXing beauty press on nails, this problem has been solved because XianXing beauty’s press on nails are made of high-quality ABS material that will not harm your nails and the plus point is that XianXing beauty’s press on nails are available at relatively cheap prices. XIANXING BEAUTY’S CHEAP PRESS ON NAILS XianXing beauty’s press on nails are available at very reasonable prices but quality of press on nails will not be compromised. XianXing beauty’s press on nails are made of ABS material that will not harm your nails. It’s also easier to use them, and they are better for your nails. When purchased and applied properly, they can look as beautiful as natural nails without drying out your pockets! IS IT AT RISK OF DAMAGING THE NAILS? Maybe the unpleasant experiences you have had with press on nails before have made you apprehensive, but you don’t have to worry about damaging your nails by wearing our press on nails. The good news is, you don’t have to ruin original nails just to have a beautiful pair of press on nails!
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Yes, it’s understandable if you’re still skeptical about it, especially if you’ve had to deal with the damage of acrylic nail effects over the years. However, because our press on nails only use adhesive or a bit of nail glue (if needed), it becomes easier and will not damage the nail as long as they are used and removed properly. HOW TO APPLY OUR BEAUTIFUL PRESS ON NAILS? Here are some tips to follow when you use our press on nails:
  1. Start by washing your hands, cleaning the nails of all residue of nail polish or adhesive.
  2. Examine all the nail size options available in our press on nail set and choose the one that best suits your natural nails.
  3. Remove the adhesive from the press on nail and apply the press on nail on to your original nail, and press for at least 30 seconds to make sure it sticks firmly.
Now that you know how to apply press on nails properly, what about the method of removing them? Keep reading! WAYS TO REMOVE OUR SAFE PRESS ON NAILS SAFELY If you think the right application process is important, in fact the removal process is even more important! If you pull out too roughly or too hard, you are capable of damaging the original nail. Thankfully, there are some safe methods that can be done to get rid of these press on nails:
  1. Warm water: Soak your fingers in warm water with a little soap solution for 20-30 minutes. Scrape the nails gently and slowly in soaking water. Make sure the water stays warm while you soak so that the process goes well and protects the original nail.
  2. Cuticle oil: Rub a cotton ball soaked with cuticle oil on the fake press on nail, especially on the edges so that the oil can get under the adhesive. The glue will start to dissolve after about 2 minutes and you can easily remove the press on nails.
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