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Best Special Honeymoon Travel Places in Miami


Are you looking for holidays in Miami? If yes, this article is for you. The city is the most adventurous place in Florida and is famous for its economic and financial values. There are many must-visit sites like stunning beaches and cultures that are full of life.

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Collins Avenue

This is the lively street running parallel to the Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach and serves as the major thoroughfare in Florida. This also has the first bridge named Collins Bridge of MIAMI that connects the Beach to the mainland of Biscayne Bay. Here you will find many luxurious hotels, and the best part is that they are away from other busy areas. Enjoy the cold breeze while standing mid of the bridges.

Art Deco Historic District

This art deco is for art enthusiasts that exhibit over 800 historic sculptures. This place is the nation’s largest architecture work that preserves the old monuments. Here you will learn about the history of the city and the old iconic buildings. The unique designs and the creativity of this place is worth watching and is reawakening for this city. Heir a guide here and learn the most of this city from this single place.

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Lincoln Road

This Lincoln road is the most happening place in the city. The people of Miami plan their get together on this road and enjoy the finest dining, shopping and fun time of the city. This is the house to many brands, café’s, bar lounges and luxurious restaurants. So looking to have a festival time, then drive around. 

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South Pointe Park 

At the South of Miami Beach, South Pointe Park is located and covered with greenery. One can easily see the cruise ships of Port Miami, Fisher Island, and Downtown Miami’s skyline near this place. This is one of the must-visit places, and people who love to be in nature should go and explore this place and capture stunning views of the Beach shoreline during vacations.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive can be sited near Miami Beach and, to be exact, at the South Beach. However, in recent times, the government has imposed a ban on cars on this drive, but people can opt for rented bicycles or go on a walk with their near and dear ones. Also, the government has arranged a pedestrian walk along with the proper seating arrangement for visitors. The best time to visit this place is during evening or night times as it provides enormous peace within.

Lummus Park Beach

This Beach is a gigantic part of Miami Beach and an amusing, delightful spot to relish your day. It has separate playing grounds for kids and few large playgrounds, parksshower stations, gymsa massage area, and bathrooms to remove sand. This place is full of palm trees, making it a perfect picnic spot. People can have a long barefoot walk along the paved surface of this Beach. The best time to enjoy this location is during the late evening hours. United Airlines Official Site provides one of the best discounts to visit this city.

Miami Beach Boardwalk

At the Indian Beach Park, the Miami Beach Boardwalk takes a flinch, and it heads towards the South on a paved area. This is one the highest visited areas and the best suited time to visit this place is during the evening hours, as people majorly come to this place for relaxing. As this beach boardwalk offers a scenic view while walking with cool breezy waves. This place is also best suited for spending quality time with your loved one!

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