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6 reasons to double-check your documents verifications

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If you’ve ever applied for jobs abroad, you’ve probably heard of the term “Primary Source Verification” (PSV). To be sure they are hiring the right people, employers today demand a document verification process. Throughout the application or hiring process, many businesses and authorities demand that applicants and job hopefuls prove their identity, credentials, and experience.

Why should your documents be verified? Here are 6 solid reasons:

1. Always Maintain Your Verified Credentials

Your certified documents can be kept as a TrueProof that you own forever. How? They are safe and impenetrable since they are stored on the blockchain. Additionally, you get unlimited access to and sharing rights for your validated credentials!

You can avoid future difficulties when requesting primary source verification by storing your credentials as TrueProofs.

These problems consist of:

  • schools, colleges, and universities organizations that are closing their doors and no longer exist
  • crises or natural disasters that damaged documents
  • Verifying your credentials gives you the opportunity to handle these problems earlier, far before you need to hunt for work.
  • You can avoid future difficulties when requesting primary source verification by storing your credentials as TrueProofs.

These problems consist of:

  • schools, colleges, and universities closing
  • closing their doors and ceasing to exist
  • crises or natural disasters that damaged documents
  • You can handle these by making the effort to confirm your credentials.
  • problems earlier, well before you need to look for work.
  1. 2. Keep up with the competition

Most job searchers comply with requests for document verification. The procedure may take some time to complete once it has been requested. You can minimize verification delays so you can land a job and start working right away by checking your credentials in advance.

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You can share your credentials individually or as a digital CV with various employers by verifying your documents and preserving them as TrueProofs. Your chances of being employed increase when you provide your certified documents to recruiting companies and recruiters. Pre-verified individuals are also preferred by employers since they can be deployed and onboarded more quickly.

You can share TrueProofs on your LinkedIn page. When recruiters and employers who examine your LinkedIn profile notice that your documents have undergone Primary Source Verification, they naturally start to trust you.

3. Maintain full control over your information.

You have total control over your information once you’ve finished the pre-employment document verification process. Several things can cause this:

If a record contains flaws or inconsistencies, you can contest it by verifying your documentation.

You can retain your confirmed credentials with TrueProofs for as long as you like. By switching your Profile Visibility settings to the Recommended option, you also have the choice to share them with potential employers.

Pre-employment verification can help you avoid the frequent occurrence of credential theft. Employers confirm the identities of prospective employees in addition to document verification to stop identity fraud. You should independently authenticate your identification after independently verifying your documentation. Identity verification lessens the likelihood that someone else may use your credentials or identity to search for employment.

You can authenticate the information on your resume through pre-employment document verification. You can check your personal details, employment history, language skills, and educational background. By doing this, you eliminate contradictions that can cost you job possibilities.

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4. Create a Strong Initial Impression

If any of the aforementioned arguments didn’t persuade you to check your qualifications before applying for jobs, then this one should. During the hiring process, your initial impression of potential employers is quite important. Verifying your credentials demonstrates to employers that you are self-driven, accountable, and sincere.

It demonstrates your concern for being the ideal candidate for a company, all of which improve your chances of landing a job. Employers can see how committed you are to your application and career objectives when you submit your verified document verification to them.

5. Discuss Pay Increases

You can bargain for a better salary by checking your documentation in advance. Additionally, some firms give candidates who have their documents confirmed in advance a higher salary. Before moving on with the recruiting process, those without PSV reports must await the verification process. 

6. Check Your Paperwork for Success

A certain approach to stand out from the competition is to double-check your paperwork before beginning your job search. If you are prepared with a confirmed report, employers are more likely to hire you more quickly and provide you with more compensation or benefits.

Get all the supporting documentation ready in advance. Enter your login information for TrueProfile.io and upload your files now. Once validated, you can review your verifications, which will be saved as distinct TrueProofs on your TrueProfile.io account. You can appeal your decision and provide further information to ensure your good report if you obtain an Unable to Verify of Negative report.

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