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6 Effective and Natural Tips to Regrow Your Hair

Regrow Your Hair

Hair loss is a common symptom that people are experiencing these days. It is possible that this will not affect you physically; however, the emotional toll caused by hair loss can be significant.

There are different reasons associated with hair loss: stress, hormone imbalances, genetics, autoimmune diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and fungal conditions of the scalp. When people experience hair loss, they usually go for a hair transplant. The hair transplant selection is crucial because if you do not select a good centre like hair transplant in Islamabad, then it may lead to severe problems instead of hair growth. However, there are certain things you can do naturally to regrow your hair.

Hair loss is categorized by several symptoms. Men or women’s baldness, also called androgenic alopecia, is common among men who are above fifty and women who are experiencing menopause. Usually, genetics, cancers, thyroid problems, and high levels of androgens lead to male pattern baldness.

It is uncommon for women to go completely bald, however, it is common for thinning to occur. In addition, doctors divide female pattern baldness into three types: type 1 (a small amount of thinning), type 2 (increased thinning), and type 3 (thinning throughout the scalp).

Natural Tips to Regrow Your Hair

Here are some effective natural tips to regrow your hair easily.

1-Fish Oil

Fish oil is a big source of omega fatty acids. Consuming omega fatty acids regularly can improve your hair from the inside because they are packed with proteins and nutrients. Taking omega supplements with antioxidants improves hair diameter and density.

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In addition, omega fatty acids may also help your cells work properly and can boost immunity, leading to overall better health. However, it would be best for you if you take omega fatty acids with the recommendation of a healthcare professional.

2-Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, according to the nutritionist, is packed with fatty acids also known as that penetrate inside the hair shaft and play an important role in decreasing the loss of protein from hair.

If your hairs are oily, then you can go for a leave-in treatment for a few hours or overnight before you wash them. Massage this oil that is full of many nutrients on the scalp. If you are experiencing dry hairs, it is best for you to go for coconut oil as a leave-in treatment. Studies have shown that this oil lubricates the hair shaft.

Additionally, a study also found that coconut oil applied to the scalp helped enrich the scalp’s microbiome, making hair follicles healthier.

3-Onion Juice

We know that the smell of onion and its juice is not good and is difficult to bear while applying; however, when you use it, you may be able to come to know it is worthy to use for good hair growth. A study showed that onion juice promotes hair growth and successfully treats patchy alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is defined as a disease in which your body’s immune system attacks it which may lead to a decrease in the health of follicles and even may lead to hair loss.


Massaging your scalp with essential oils stimulates your scalp and may also improve hair thickness. It is considered the most important home remedy because when you stretch during the massage it promotes the thickness of hair and growth in the dermal papilla cells. These cells are responsible for playing an essential role in the formation of hair growth and the regrowth cycle.

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Massage not only promotes a healthy flow of the blood but also encourages a healthy scalp. A study found that increased blood flow improved hair growth.

Sparing some time for massaging the scalp may also help you relieve tension and stress, these would be a bonus if these are the reasons for your hair loss. Massaging the scalp with the fingertips, not the fingernails. 

5-Aloe Vera

People are using aloe vera for years to treat hair loss. Aloe vera also soothes the scalp and may condition hair. You can apply original aloe vera gel to the scalp for several times in one week. Additionally, you can also use conditioner and shampoo that contain aloe vera.


Lemon is also a good option for your hair. Fresh juice of a lemon and even a fresh lemon (without extracting the juice) can improve the quality of hair. Lemon oil may play an essential role in maintaining a healthy scalp and encouraging hair growth.

Apply the juice which you squeezed from a fresh lemon to the scalp for fifteen minutes before you go for taking a bath.


Hair loss can disturb your mental well-being. Therefore, it is crucial to take some steps to naturally regrow your hair. The above-mentioned tips will help you regrow your hair in an easy way. In addition, if these remedies, unfortunately, don’t work effectively over a period of time for you, then you can also go for some other effective options like https://www.numan.com/hair-loss/minoxidil. These options you can get from a health care specialist.

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