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5 Types of Tom Ford Oud Minerale Eau De Toilette


You can wear any one of the Tom Ford Private Blend Eau De Toilette fragrances, but which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll explore Oud Minerale, Noir Anthracite, and the new Tom Ford Private Blend. If you’ve never worn oud before, this guide will help you decide. Then, read on to discover the pros and cons of each one!

Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection

The signature fragrance from the Private Blend collection is an enchanting and rare scent, made by Tom Ford from precious forms of oud and fresh marine notes. With this new interpretation of this classic scent, the smoky, middle eastern fragrance is combined with the cool, seaside freshness of water. The result is a perfume that feels both adventurous and sensual. Unlike many other Ouds, it is not overpowering, but it also doesn’t feel overwhelming.

The unique compositions and sonics of Tom Ford’s latest scents have made it one of the most popular fragrances for men and women. Oud and marine scents are a unique pairing, as they are completely opposite in character. However, these two sonics can work together – the salty, seaweed freshness of the ocean contrasting with the medicinal, dark woody accord of oud.

Oud Minerale

The scent of Tom Ford Oud Minerale perfume is a combination of fresh ocean notes and a mysterious oud accord. The combination of the two fragrances is both sensuous and evocative, evoking images of surf and sea, smoked wood, and flames, as well as the saltiness of the ocean. Oud Minerale also contains notes of amber, tonka bean, vanilla, cardamom, and spices.

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Oud is a popular fragrance family, but few fragrances capture its unique character and complexity like Tom Ford Oud Minerale. The combination of marine, wood, and powdery accords makes this a unique and complex fragrance, while the aquatic theme helps it stand out as a distinct chapter of the brand’s oud line. Oud Minerale’s aquatic accord contrasts with its fresh, powdery, and medicinal notes. The resulting blend of notes makes Oud Minerale a summer-appropriate scent.

Despite its distinctive character, Oud Minerale has a strong, diffusive sillage. Despite its intensity, it feels light and airy on the skin. Combined with its natural texture, Oud Minerale possesses an inherent grainy quality. It is a cologne that evokes feelings of warmth, calmness, and coziness. The fragrance’s ethereal quality also makes it an excellent choice for the summer months.


The Latest Tom Ford perfume is a unique combination of smoky middle eastern oud and oceanic freshness. While other brands of oud perfumes tend to be more traditional, Oud Minerale takes a more unconventional approach. Instead of bringing to mind the scent of Cool Water and Oud Wood, this fragrance conjures the smell of ashen grey driftwood. The fragrance’s transparent, masculine notes are both appropriate for summer and can work as an everyday scent as well.

The fragrance also features the precious Moroccan grapefruit flower. This fragrant ingredient is harvested just three weeks per year and is added to the top notes of tobacco leaf, ginger and bergamot. Other ingredients include almond oil, tonka bean, clary sage and iris. A few other scents in the range share the same notes, but are entirely different. If you are unsure about whether Oud Minerale is for you, consider trying a sample first.

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Noir Anthracite

This eau de toilette by Tom Ford is a bold peppery liqueur with a leathery undertone. The scent is masculine and contains notes of ginger and cistus. It is priced at 196,50 euros for 50 ml. Noir Anthracite was created for men who desire an opulent scent that is not too overwhelming.

This fragrance is a great choice for the modern man who wants a cologne that captures his personality. It features top notes of verbena and bergamot. It also features a blend of cumin, rose, nutmeg, and Egyptian geranium. The fragrance ends with a base note of vanilla and vetiver.

A new fragrance from Tom Ford has just hit the shelves – Oud Minerale! Its unusual composition combines a rare, middle-eastern fragrance with an oceanic freshness. The smoky middle-eastern oud notes are the complete opposite of an aquatic fragrance, and a clever blend, if you ask me. And it works well in warm summer weather.

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