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What is Gayniggers – An interesting 1992 Space movie

1992 Space movie

Gayniggers from Outer 1992 Space movie Blaxploitation sci-fi comedy movie starring Sammy Salomon, Konrad Fields, Master Fatman and other actors in key roles as extra-terrestrials (Aliens). When we think about the sci-fi movie genre, mostly Hollywood superhero movies come to our mind in which a superhuman or its team fights with supervillains to save the entire universe.

1992 Space movie Hollywood has dominated the sci-fi movie genre for a long time, they have produced numerous gemstones, and our childhood memories are attached to them. Movies of Marvel Universe and DC Universe are considered the finest sci-fi genre movies and are ideal for moviemakers.

Whereas in the 90’s, some great content-oriented movies were made with out-of–the-box ideas. Hollywood producers produced a large chunk of them, many of them getting great acknowledgement, while some movies backlash because of their so-called open-minded and not-so-religiously-correct content.

Space 1992 Space movie falls into the latter group because of its homosexual content, and many people didn’t acknowledge it at that time, although it contains good comedy. In this article we will talk about its story, viewers’ responses, ratings, and many more factors related to the Space 1992 Space movie.

An Interesting Imaginary Story 

The Space 1992 Space movie, i.e. Gayniggers from Outer Space, is a short film based on extra-terrestrials who travel from Space to Earth with the motive to create a society that is completely homosexual. They will achieve their mission by freeing males who have been oppressed by females.

This movie moves around how aliens or extra-terrestrials create a 100 per cent homosexual (gay) society. The storyline is filled with fun and humour moments. Every scene is framed in such a way that it will make you laugh unless you really don’t like homo topics.

As the story evolves, gay aliens from planet anus come to Earth first time,

And they are horrified by seeing the dominance of women on the Earth and want to free the men from the women’s overload.

There is a scene where one man was kissing a woman, which deeply shook aliens. In this scene, we get to know they aren’t normal. They can’t see a man and woman together. This movie is loaded with lame and sexual jokes; it is a slapstick comedy movie. You can’t say 1992 Space movie is a serious film based on a homotopic, and it is more like a comedy one.

1992 Space movie Director and Movie Screening

It was directed Master Fatman who said to be raised by a gay couple,

Now you think from where he could have got the storyline. In 2006, it was screened at the Stockholm Queer Film Festival and Houston Press Covered this event on October 30, 2006 and being archived in 2008.

Science-Fiction Comedy Story

The world of Outer Space Science-Fiction is a world in which extra-terrestrial beings travel from galaxy to galaxy,

Freeing men from the oppression of women and eventually creating an entirely homosexual society. 

In this science-fiction novel, extra-terrestrials make history by liberating males from female slavery and establishing a gay society.  While this is a far-fetched idea, the book has been met with critical acclaim. The story revolves around a group of homosexual black men, or Gayniggers, from another planet. 

They travel around in a tin-foil spaceship, killing females wherever they go. However, the men on Earth welcome the aliens, even though they are horrified by the fact that they are killing their wives. This is one of the few examples of science fiction where the plot makes sense. Some people complain about the content on this site, accusing it of homophobia and racism towards Asians. 

However, this is a parody of 50s sci-fi and pornographic films. While some of the content is blatantly racist, others are merely campy and innocent. While it may be a provocative idea, we must understand that this is a parody meant to be funny.

1992 Space movie First LGBTQ Film

You can call it the first LGBTQ or transgender based movie, which many fans of this genre have enjoyed. The new Queer has been contributing to the development of this genre. They bring different stories from their movies, continuously revolutionizing the genre.

Ahead of its time 

Today you can see movies and web series based on gay and lesbian stories,

But in the past, It was considered a taboo subject,

And producers used to avoid making movies on this topic because people werent interested in watching them. Now that time has changed, many countries legalized homosexuality irrespective of its unnatural consequences.

As a result, there is a wave of liberalization and people all around the world are talking about different sexualities. Recently, the Indian government non-criminalized same-sex marriages to bring equality in society but faced many criticisms from all religious gurus because of its non-religious and bizarre concept.

Now you compare today’s situation with the earlier one,

And you will find how futuristic and bold this movie was according to its time. In 2022, anyone can make a movie on LGBTQ topics and support or bash them from their movies, but in 1992, it was very hard to bring this subject on the screen when people were opposing or unaware of it, and most governments were also not supporting it.

IMDB Ratings and User Reviews 

This movie got 5.8/10 IMDB rating and 2853 people rated this movie 4.7/5 which seems pretty good. I found this review overhyped, although IMDB is one of the most trusted sources.

My take

This movie has a different story from other ordinary movies,

But it doesnt mean that it is a masterpiece or an example of artistic work. Rather than a great movie. I would like to call it a mediocre film with sexist jokes and an interesting storyline far from reality.

There are two types of people who support homosexuality and who don’t. I belong to the latter type. So, if you are religious or a kind of person who doesn’t support homos, you should skip this movie because it might depress you. Otherwise, people can watch it, but it is not recommended in today’s time to watch a black and white short movie based on the homo subject, although many people liked it and most reviews on IMDB are positive. If you have decided to watch this movie, it is not recommended to watch it with your family.

1992 Space movie At last

This movie has some fun-filled scenes and a lot of homo scenes. People who love this genre most likely have already watched this movie. It would be best if you didn’t confuse yourself by thinking that it is a sci-fi movie which you see nowadays. It is more or less a typical fiction that shows gay desires and how they accomplish by using technology. Let us know your thoughts on whether this movie is watchable or not?

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