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Which Bank of Baroda Credit Card is for Shopping and Everyday Use

Bank of Baroda Credit Card

The Bank of Baroda Credit Card is a simple solution for managing daily expenses and earning rewards. Upon comparison, you will discover that it is one of the finest credit cards for you. There are rewarding spending choices that are simple to use and secure. Therefore, if your card is misplaced, submit it to the bank and they will instantly block it. It eliminates one’s culpability in the event of a fraudulent card transaction. This website contains further information regarding the best credit card for shopping.

What are the Bank of Baroda Credit Card’s Features?

The Easy Card possesses the following attributes:

Easy EMI

This function allows you to convert purchases into instalment payments (EMIs) for those who cannot afford such a large monthly payment. Therefore, if you have purchased a refrigerator, television, etc., convert the purchase to EMIs. You may only do so for purchases of INR 2,500 or more. How should one proceed? For this, please follow the procedures below:

  • Go to the bank’s website.
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Choose the transaction that you wish to convert.
  • Select the tenure
  • Examine the EMI amount
  • Select the “Submit” button
  • You will now receive an alert on your registered mobile device or email address.

Only unbilled transactions are eligible for conversion.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Have you calculated your petrol expenses? If not, use your Bank of Baroda Credit Card to receive rewards on gasoline purchases. The cards is exempt from the 1 percent gasoline levy at all petrol stations in India. For this, you must do transactions between 400 and 5,000 INR, with a limit of 250 INR every statement cycle.

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Note: No reward points are awarded for gasoline purchases made with a Bank of Baroda Credit Card.

Plans for Credit Card Rewards from Bank of Baroda

This greatest credit card gives reward points in exchange for your credit card purchases. However, you must do a few things to obtain these benefits. The bank use the Merchant Category Code to apply 5X Reward Points to your credit card purchases. This will be used to identify the merchant acquirer.

Bank of Baroda Credit Cardhttps://www.wishfin.com/best-credit-cards/best-credit-cards-for-online-shopping/Card networks, such as Visa, Mastercard, RuPay, etc., establish these identities or flags. Therefore, if the merchant acquirer fails to deliver the flag/identifier to BOB Financials or provides an inaccurate flag/identifier, you will receive standard reward points for the transaction.

The subcategories and their related MCCs qualify for 5X Reward points as well. include the following:

Provisions: 5411
Departmental store: 5311
Movies: 7832
The category from which you make a purchase will determine the Merchant Category Code for the business from which you made a purchase. BOB Financial maintains the exclusive discretion to determine whether an acquisition satisfies the criterion. They will not be responsible for disputes resulting from variations in merchant category code mapping.

Before swiping your Bank of Baroda credit card, you must verify the Merchant Category Code with the merchant. Only the aforementioned MCCs qualify you for Accelerated Reward Points.

Additional reward points are automatically posted and will appear on your next monthly bill.

How to Apply for the Best Credit Card from Bank of Baroda

You may apply for the card online by visiting the BOB Financials website or in person at a branch location. Find your local branch online, then visit it and speak with a representative. Utilize your Bank of Baroda Credit Card to pay for your daily costs in addition to the aforementioned perks.

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Contact BOB Financials via the bob customer care number or their registered email address if you have any questions.

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