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What are the advantages of invisible dental braces?


Invisible orthodontics is one of the most widely used procedures today for dental alignment and correction of malocclusions. At Best dental clinic in Kolkata, we are well aware of its effectiveness and the minimal discomfort that patients have in relation to other more traditional orthodontic treatments. We will tell you in this article its seven main advantages:

A 100% aesthetic treatment

Once you start your treatment, we will provide you with transparent covers (aligner or aligner) that you will change approximately every 7 days. As you change the aligner, your teeth will be positioned. With this treatment, no one will know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

It is removable

Patients who decide on Invisible dental braces in Kolkata can decide when to put on and when to take off their device. Even so, it is important to note that, for the aligners to have the desired effect, it is necessary to respect the orthodontist’s instructions for use: wear it for about 22 hours a day.

Comfortable for the patient

In addition to the fact that the aligners are transparent, you will be able to remove them at each meal, since invisible braces allows you to eat any type of food. All you have to do is take your aligners off, eat, brush your teeth, and put them back on.

It hardly interferes with speech or eating

It adapts perfectly to your teeth and is much less visible than any other type of orthodontics. Thanks to this, you will adapt much faster to wearing the aligners.

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Ideal for people with allergies to metals

Contrary to what happens with fixed brackets, with invisible braces you will not have to worry about irritation, injuries and discomfort caused by metal parts. The absence of metal or sharp edges makes invisible aligners comfortable to wear and allergy-free.

Allows perfect oral hygiene

The invisible dental braces technique allows you to have dental hygiene equal to or better than you had before starting your treatment, without having to worry about the obstacles posed by brackets and wires.

Minimal emergencies

With this orthodontics, you will reduce your visits to the clinic since you can replace the aligners according to the instructions of your orthodontist. Every six or eight weeks you should go to the clinic to review the treatment in a consultation that usually lasts about twenty minutes.

Are you convinced by the advantages of invisible dental braces? If so, you can request an appointment at our clinic and we will help you to understand the cost of dental implant in Kolkata.

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