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Virtual Volunteering with NGOs – Ideas to get you Started

virtual volunteers with NGOs

Virtual Volunteering is something we do only for the thrill of giving back. We’d heard the phrase “with the advent of the internet,” but we truly understood its significance when we volunteered for a good cause online, from the comfort of our own homes. With simply an online connection, you may now make a difference in the world and contribute. 


Here are some ideas for joining virtual volunteering with NGOs in India:


Advocacy and Human Rights

With a lock on the spot, the house is a paradise for most. However, few face household or child harassment and do not have alternatives other than remaining with the perpetrators of their violence. There are many stories like that and many more. Virtual volunteers with NGOs can help in managing campaigns, making bulletins and posters, or writing articles to advocate this goal.

Culture and Art

Volunteers can support groups by putting together a documentary about local art, craftspeople, culture, or legacy to contribute to preserving them. In India, virtual volunteers with NGOs transcribe ancient documents and collection records to aid research and preserve these treasured assets for future generations.

Community Well-Being

Volunteers can engage with local communities in various places, learn about them, and share experiences, expertise, and ideas with them, as well as assist them in finding answers to local challenges. Volunteers might also begin generating funds for community welfare causes.

Education and literacy

Children are silent victims of the lockdown, and many in low-income families have ceased learning totally because their schools were shuttered. They are also more vulnerable since they may feel confused and directionless, which may demotivate both them and their parents to pursue an education. Virtual Volunteers with NGOs can engage with children and youth via video or phone calls and guide, mentor, teach, or simply read them stories. However, even in times of crisis, this will help to keep children engaged and learning.

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When the ‘vocal for local’ slogans pick steps, and indeed, volunteers can help local vendors and women with tips and support for their micro/small companies. They can also make business plans and fundraising or promotional content for the entrepreneur to help them get the most needed momentum.

Crisis Support

Many towns have battled to survive in recent years. However, we have been repeatedly hammered by natural calamities. Such catastrophes serve as a stinging reminder of our society’s disparities and pressing needs. Those who are more fortunate can volunteer to lend a hand. Virtual Volunteers with NGOs uses social media campaigns and digital communication to raise funding and support. They can also help the less fortunate by assembling ration and medication packages and giving meals.

Help the Vulnerable

For the majority of us, our family is our most important source of support. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Such support services are unavailable to orphans and the elderly in old-age homes. To bring consolation to such children and the elderly, volunteers might extend a helping hand, a patient ear, or a supportive shoulder. Volunteers can teach subjects or interact with children using virtual means such as art and craft, music, dance, games, and so on.

The Final Word

Virtual volunteering typically refers to volunteer activities conducted via the Internet or another Internet-connected device, such as a smartphone or a computer. Virtual volunteering with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can cross geographical and artificial borders and contribute to a cause without requiring actual presence at an NGO office or in a community. However, these were specific ideas for engaging in virtual volunteering with NGOs in India.

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