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Types Of Rice: List of Different Varieties of Rice and Their Textures


Rice is a critical piece of individuals’ eating regimen, because of different reasons. The main explanation is that rice is very filling in nature and gives energy to the body. Aside from this, rice is additionally solid and loaded with minerals that satisfy the body’s day-to-day necessities. Now is the right time to investigate more into the rice world and taste your ordinary staple in another structure! Every assortment of rice has a one-of-a-kind taste, smell, and properties and is utilized for making various sorts of dishes. Prepared to encounter the smell and kind of various sorts of rice? How about we look at the rundown of rice names with their surface!

7 Different Varieties of Rice

Here are the sorts of rice with names recorded with their surfaces, flavor, and reason.

1. Brown Rice

Brown rice has a gentle nutty flavor that adds a lovely taste to any brown rice dish. Numerous wellbeing cognizant individuals lean toward eating organic brown rice over different sorts of rice since it’s low in calories and loaded up with nutrients and minerals. It’s a 100 percent entire grain food thing and light to eat as well!

Length and Aroma: Long-grain and stale-smelling smell.

2. Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is one of the most famous sorts of rice in India and a dish in Asia. A ton of Indian and Asian foods utilize this tasty rice to make energizing and fascinating recipes. This rice is best presented with new spices and green onions alongside conventional Indian side dishes. It comes in white and entire grain choices and is likewise promptly accessible in any supermarket.

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Length and Aroma: Long grain with a charming sweet-smelling smell.

3. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is utilized to make a colorful highlight to numerous Asian dishes. This rice is chiefly developed in Thailand and has a delicate and tacky surface when completely cooked. Numerous Caribbean dishes are likewise made with jasmine rice and are delighted around the world. Its smell and taste supplement most curry dishes. Jasmine rice comes in white and entire grain choices and has a charming nutty flavor to it.

Length and Aroma: Long-grain and flower jasmine fragrance.

4. Mogra Rice

This rice has an exceptionally unmistakable flavor and is non-glutinous. It’s one more kind of rice that is well known in India and is likewise savvy. Whenever it is cooked, it seems cushy and is utilized mainly to plan conventional Indian recipes like biryani, pulao, and so forth.

Length and Aroma: Long grain with a particular fragrance.


5. Bamboo Rice

Bamboo rice is one of the major rice names shown, it is produced using bamboo shoots, and is a seed toward the finish of its life expectancy. It tends to be trying to find bamboo rice at your neighborhood staple shop since it’s exceptionally phenomenal. Nonetheless, bamboo rice is extremely nutritious and has an incredible taste.

Length and Aroma: Short-grained and flower fragrance

6. Wild Rice

Wild rice comes from a kind of grass regularly tracked down in the United states’ lake district. This rice is normally found around lakes like wild grasses and is gathered as entire grain rice. Wild rice is loaded with protein and is bright from an external perspective. Nonetheless, it parts once cooked, and the white rice from within appears. It’s renowned for its gritty and nutty taste. It’s occasionally challenging to track down wild rice in supermarkets, however, you can find this rice on the web.

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Length and Aroma: Jumbo-sized rice and scents marginally like dark tea.

7. Dark Rice

Dark rice, otherwise called illegal rice, is a type of glutinous rice. This rice is somewhat more costly than other rice, and it is accepted that main the privileged could bear to eat dark rice in antiquated China. There are numerous assortments of dark rice accessible on the lookout and the web, and one ought to attempt this remarkable rice something like once!

Length and Aroma: Medium grain rice and nonpartisan flavor.

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