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Swedish Bitters: A Herbal Miracle On The Medication Shelf


In this article I would like to tell you about “Swedish Bitters”. It is a highly tolerated herbal blend developed by the physician and chemist Urban Yane in Sweden in the 17th century and sold in pharmacies under the name “Elexir Amarum”.

In Germany, the elixir of bitter herbs was the work of the Austrian Kräuterkundlerin Maria Treben (1907-1991), which was popular only in the 1980s.

But what exactly is Swedish pain? Look at the materials

Swedish bitters can make Swedish bitters very complex as they contain several herbs that can be described as very “exotic”.

But I don’t want to deprive you of Maria Traiben’s old recipe for “small”.

You can also use 10g of aloe or linden root, wormwood powder.

  • 5g of myrrh
  • 2 g of saffron
  • 10 g of senna leaves
  • 10 g of camphor (natural camphor)
  • 10 g of citric acid root
  • 10 grams of manna
  • 10g Venetian Territory
  • 5 g of wild boar root
  • 10 g of angelica root

Note: Preparations in commercially available herbal mixtures are not allowed in this composition.

On the other hand, Swedish bitters are also used to refer to herbal remedies that differ in composition but have almost the same effect.

The Effects and Applications of Swedish Pain

The effect of Swedish bitters is strengthened mainly due to the precious bitter substances contained in the yuzu, nankyo and lindou root. Their bitter taste stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile and supports digestion in a natural way. The bitter substances found in the angelica root are also supplemented with stomach-friendly essential oils. The laxative effect returns to the Senna leaves contained in it.

Maria Treben devotes all 12 pages of her book to Swedish bitters and lists over 40 different ways to use Swedish bitters. Indeed, depending on the field of application, Swedish bitters can be smoked, inhaled, rubbed, and used as toppings and dressings.

Swedish Pain for Stomach Problems

One of the most famous uses of Swedish bitterness is undoubtedly for the gastrointestinal tract. For example, if you have digestive problems, we recommend taking a teaspoon of Swedish bitter three times a day in herbal tea or diluting it with warm water for digestive properties. By the way, the same goes for stomach upset or nausea. If your stomach problems are more severe than cramps, we recommend a tablespoon of Swedish bitter instead of a teaspoon.

Intake of Swedish bitter can have a positive effect on the intestines in case of diarrhea. In this case, depending on the severity of symptoms, you should drink one tablespoon or one tablespoon of Swedish bitter with warm water 30 minutes before or after a meal.

Swedish pain as a weapon in the cold season

Coughs, colds and hoarseness – the Swedish pain can help even in the cold season.

If you already have a bad cold, a simple inhalation of Swedish bitters can provide quick relief. All you have to do is spoon the cayenne down and inhale the steam.

People with a fever should mix half a cup of chamomile tea with a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. Half of the tea should be drunken 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after each meal. You can do the same for a sore throat. However, the dosage should be reduced slightly; in this case one teaspoon is enough for half a cup of herbal tea.

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