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Overpopulation and the commercialization of sports have led to

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the establishment of a number of institutions, which significantly expands the overview of sports management and governance, implies that, regardless of: the size of the organization, it is necessary to develop appropriate business management and governance, with an emphasis on sports activities (Acosta, 2005; Year, 2003; Paris , 2005). Sports organizations are increasingly operating as modern companies in order to remain competitive in the market.

The development of sports events makes it possible to realize the activities proposed within the company. However, organizing an event requires a planning process and the coordination and effort of a working group to achieve stated goals (Gutiérrez, 2003).

Scouting is the activity of sports clubs

And they should be taken into account when planning events, although they do not meet all the characteristics of traditional events. Recruitment and selection of talents develops through the screening process of football, they provide space for observing players involved to assess their skills and abilities, although the selection process may vary depending on the situation. methodologies used by scientists or experts in the field 스포츠중계.

The implementation of this work is primarily dependent on:

when the academic requirements for practice II from the ninth semester are met, in the second measurement, it makes it possible to trust the formulation process obtained during the process; In addition, it enriches professional growth by exposing the student directly to the field of work and putting their skills to the test.

This document reflects the work done during the semester,

which began with a contextual exercise and analysis of the practice center, to identify the need for intervention, present the relevant rationale and the objectives to be achieved; After that, a bibliographic review was conducted to provide appropriate theoretical support, four stages of the methodology process and results were presented, which ended with a proposal for methodological guidelines for the development of football scout work in sports clubs. † Finally, the results and proposals of the work are presented.

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In July 2013, UDCA University of Applied and Environmental Sciences,

Through the Sports Science Program, he signed a partnership agreement with the University Center for Football and Sports Science and the Pachuca Club of Mexico, to strengthen the training and sports processes of people who are part of the university community. †

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