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Migration From Gambling to Social Casino Games


The rise in the down-loaders of social casino games has been colossal over the recent years. These numbers are keeping on growing and these are expected to increase in the future. As per Statistia 2022, the number of active down loaders of video games were 2.03 billions, and this number kept on increasing with the passage of time, reaching a whopping 3.09 billion in 2022. It is expected to grow and the prediction for 2024 is 3.32 billion.


But, what has led to this tremendous progress in Casino gaming. Let us shine some light on the possible reasons behind this improvement.


  1. No Cost Casino:- The Social Casino Games are basically the slot machine games that are absolutely free to play. These are available on various electronic devices, primarily on mobile phones. There are digital coins already available in the casino game that lets the user place various kinds of bets. For instance, in Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino, the user immediately gets a million coins on logging in the first time. These coins are then used to place bets and various kinds of winnings, in return.


  1. More than one slot machine:- While playing the traditional slot machine physically in a Casino bar, the gamer has only one slot machine to play on. This limited nature of slot machines is completely reduced in the social casino games. All the user has to do is just download any slot machine game from the App Store or Play Store. Some of the famous slot machine games are 7 Hearts Casino, Slotomania and Camel Cash Casino. Camel Cash Casino is embedded with more than 40 slot machine games. So, there are plenty of slot machine games that the user can choose to play, which saves the social casino games from being monotonous.
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  1. Demotion of Gambling:- As everyone is aware of the incurable cancer called “Gambling”, they must also be well-acquainted with the repercussions it brings. People lose their health and wealth to gambling games. With the rising popularity of social casino games, the gambling has stopped to some extent. Games are developed to diminish our tensions, not to magnify them. One should always play for the recreation and relaxation of his mind. Hence, start resorting to the social casinos, so as you may be relieved of any sort of stress.


  1. Insertion of “Social”:- The transformation from casino games to social casino games has really been blissful. When the gamers interact with their fellow gamers through social media apps in these new online casinos of 2022, their pleasure experience gets multiplied multiple times. When they compete with each other and compare their scores, it facilitates socializing with others. This is one of the primary reasons behind the shift of interest from gambling to social casinos.


All in all, the growth in social casinos is really a boon for each and every one of us. It is playing an instrumental role in making us impervious to gambling.

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