Home Law Looking for a debt collection defense lawyer? Check out the points

Looking for a debt collection defense lawyer? Check out the points

debt collection defense lawyer

Debt collection is quite challenging. If you have people and businesses who owe you money but are not paying it off on time, then you can contact a debt collection agency to help you with it. There are several state and federal laws when it comes to debt collection. However, all these laws come under a single primary law called the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The act defines debt collectors as a person or agency that collects debts owed if those debts are past-due. However, as a debtor, you also have certain rights that empower you and give you protection under FDCPA.

Try to understand the mentioned below points before getting in touch with a debt collection defense lawyer Chicago

Right to a written notice about the debt:

When a debt collector contacts you, find out if it’s legitimate or not. As per FDCPA, you have the right to a written notice from the debt collecting agency within five days of contacting you. The notice must contain all information about the debt, like – the amount of debt, the creditors you owe, etc. The debt collection agency can mention all this in the initial written communication too. 

Right to know the debt collector:

As per FDCPA, the debt collectors should identify themselves when they contact you for debt collection. This determines if they are legitimate or not. They should also reveal their agency name, business address, and contact information. As a debtor, FDCPA gives you the right to know your debt collector so that you are not a victim of some scam or phishing. 

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Debt collectors cannot harass you:

To regulate debt collection businesses, FDCPA has certain rules and regulations that protect debtors from being harassed by debt collection agencies. The debt collectors have to stick to certain rules and regulations. They cannot call you anytime that they feel like it, cannot use harsh language, cannot threaten you, or engage in any activity that harasses or abuses you. 

Privacy of your personal information:

As a debtor, you have the right to privacy of your personal information. Debt collectors can ask you questions limited to where you live, where you work, and your contact number or email id. They can ask about you to only limited people like your spouse, parents, guardian, or your attorney, and that also only once. 

Even though you have protection under FDCPA, you still have to pay off your legitimate debts. The debt collection agency will ensure that you make the due payments as fast as possible. The debt collector is just doing his job, so handle the situation in a pleasant and friendly way and avoid debt collection defense lawyer.

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