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How To Plan a Shoot & Find The Best Pre-Wedding Photographer

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A Pre-wedding shoot (engagement shoot) usually takes place three to six months or weeks before the wedding. A Pre-wedding photoshoot is highly unique for every couple like the wedding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every bride and groom, so feeling panicked is natural.

If you’re getting married soon, no one understands your excitement and anxiousness better than you! We know it’s a terrific feeling, but it may cause you to overlook some of the most critical aspects of the Pre-wedding session.

While your wedding planning checklist may include a lot more crucial items, keep in mind that your Pre-wedding shoot requires a superb wedding photographer and detailed planning.

How to Find the best Pre-Wedding Photographers

Finding the best pre-wedding photographer is one of the most important and difficult tasks to accomplish in a pre-wedding shoot. And we have listed some tips below to help you find the best pre-wedding photographers.

Find someone who can understand your emotions

A Pre-wedding photographer is more than just someone with camera equipment who can take pictures. The Pre-wedding photographer should be genuinely interested in your narrative. Whether it was love at first sight, high school sweethearts, or an arranged match, they must understand your emotions before trying to capture them.

Introduce yourself and your betterhalf, and feel free to share your story. How did you fall in love with each other? Which factor drew you two together? What do you do to make each other happy?

Having an overview of your story allows the photographer to bring emotions into the images they took. It results in a more engaging experience and, ultimately, more meaningful images.

An experienced photographer

You should also prioritise the experience of your pre-wedding photographer. A skilled pre-wedding photographer understands how to make the couple feel at ease in an unfamiliar situation.

An expert pre-wedding photographer knows how to blend in with the surroundings while giving you the comfort you need to bring out the best in you.

They can also provide you with posing ideas because of their experience. It paves way for flexibility and ensures favourable outcomes. They also bring a slew of destination suggestions. They can also provide advice on what to dress.

Find someone in your budget

Pre-wedding photographers, like wedding photographers, provide services in several price ranges. Before you start looking for prospective, you should decide what you want and how much you’re ready to spend.

Budgets would vary based on the quality of service and the overall experience. While typical studio pre-wedding portraits are inexpensive, the quality is mediocre. If you want to hire a professional photographer who will create outstanding photos, you should set a budget based on that.

The budget can also vary depending on deliverables, which include the number of images and the time required to provide these images.

How to plan your Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Proper planning always helps in some critical situations or to avoid last-minute headaches. We can help you plan your pre-wedding shoot. Check out the below checklist to plan your pre-wedding photoshoot.


Location is the most critical factor to consider before beginning to plan your pre-wedding photo shoot. Consider your budget for the shoot as well. Because your pre-wedding venue will be determined by the money you are willing to spend. Some of you may want to plan a trip for the pre-wedding shoot, while others may choose to do it locally.

Once you’ve determined or short-listed the destinations, find out if they’re chargeable or free of charge. Another thing to remember is to make the necessary bookings, such as transport arrangements to the destination and renting the venue with a green room.

Make-Up Artist

Make-up is an irreplaceable part of beautiful photographs. As a result, not only the bride but also the groom must carry a make-up kit. Before you begin, collect all the necessary cosmetics. To achieve immaculate skin, men might use basic make-up.

With each dress, the bride-to-be wears matching earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other decorations. To avoid confusion, create separate boxes to store jewellery for different outfits. Also, bring an extra pair of each item in case the one you planned to use breaks on the trip.


What will you both be wearing? How many times do you want to alter your costumes? Plan everything, and test out the costumes before the shoot. This allows you to correct any flaws in the clothing.

Your pre-wedding shoot checklist would be incomplete without 3-4 clothes for both the bride and groom. Make sure your costumes complement one other as well as the theme and venue of your pre-wedding photography.

Create a Props & Pose List

Make a list of props that will work with the theme of your pre-wedding shoot. Purchase or rent these props a few days in advance to avoid last-minute headaches. 

Instead of having your photographer advise you to reproduce corny or awkward couple poses, prepare some unconventional positions with your betterhalf. If you are camera-shy, you can rehearse such pictures with your betterhalf ahead of time and feel more confident on the day of the shoot.

Have a Backup Plan

Prepare for the worst-case situation as well. Make a backup plan in case of bad weather or other unforeseen situations that lead your plans to change on the day of the shoot.

A Quick & Easy Checklist to Remember

  • Outfits & Jewellery
  • Make-Up Kit
  • Wet & Normal Tissues
  • Mini Fans
  • Safety Pins
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Snacks
  • Umbrella
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