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How to Make Money From Screen Recording & Video Editing

Screen Recording

Did you know that you can earn money by doing free video tutorials using a Screen Recording? Video editing is a career that may earn you a lot of money, no matter how popular it is. Video editing is good for social media work. Creating a YouTube channel requires video editing. Make wedding films if you know video editing.

Creating and uploading videos on Facebook requires the same editing skills helpful in sharing videos on any other social networking site. Video editing firms have a massive demand for this profession.

If you want to do a live broadcast or a set of online lectures, recording and editing your screen might help you get a great result. Learn more today. Let’s discuss a screen recorder and making money editing.

Recording can help you sell videos online.

How-to record videos and Tutorial

People study cosmetic techniques, and video game cheats online. Now the creators of such videos are profiting.

iTop Screen recording tool makes video instructional creation easy. The function saves time while creating how-to videos. Copy and paste your screenplay into the scripted recording function and record your voice as you go. Scripted recordings help organize how-to films and make re-recording parts simpler.  It is easier with the screen recorder tool when you are wondering how to record Zoom meeting.

Deliver Value

The Key is monetizing your videos.

Popular YouTube channels make money with CPM or CPC ads. It requires 4,000 hours of material and at least 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.


Extra money isn’t restricted to subscriptions.

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Affiliate marketing helps video artists make more money. Your video might produce money if it generates traffic or sales for a firm.

The affiliate programme pays up to 50% on referrals. Including a link or banner in your movie or website works for you.

Screen Recording with iTop Screen Recorder

This finest free screen recorder for Windows lets you easily capture all the action on your screen in just three simple clicks.

Unlimited free music track mixing and editing

The ability to add an unlimited number of media tracks means that you may include any media files or effects into your final video projects, greatly enhancing them in various ways. Subtitles, captions, stickers, BGM, etc., may all show simultaneously using several tracks.

Zero-cost animations and soundtracks

The video editor provides resources and premade templates for adding animated video effects, transitions, filters, and textual comments. Putting motion picture clips’ results is as easy as dropping objects onto a timeline.

Interface is Simple

The built-in video editor is user-friendly enough for complete novices to locate and use the specific features they need rapidly. The editor is not only user-friendly but also costs less.

With iTop Screen Recorder, users can easily, quickly, and creatively record and save their screen activities as video. The best programme to record your screen with should have these two qualities. iTop Screen Recorder’s increased functionality was developed only on the tenet of being intuitive and straightforward.

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